Shoes, the little artist, and ChickenDog

Jasper likes to take photos with the iphone. They always turn out really cool and abstract...this one in particular.

The highlight of my week was getting two new pairs of running shoes.  The first pair were given to me my my friend Michelle.  She just couldn’t get them to not rub a blister on her toes.  They’re way cooler than anything I ever get:

 Yes, those are racing flats.  I made sure it was ok with Michelle that these things would never see a race in my feet.  I am way to worried about getting hurt by running in something with such little support.  In fact, I had to throw my old over the counter orthotics in them just to walk around.  They are great with shorts to kick around in, and since I doubt I’ll ever wear anything but shorts again since the heatwave isn’t moving, they’ll get some use.

Next pair I got was because it was about time for a new running pair.  I always avoid temptation to get anything different, and try not to notice all the really cool colors the shoes for fast people come in.  My foot is like a 90 year old’s, so I stick with very supportive shoes.  I’ve faithfully worn Asics for years with success, but a little bit of my toe joint started to rub when I got the prescription orthotics.  I opted to go to a real running store instead of buying online.  Hill Country Running Company was great.  The guy working did not try to talk me into something trendier, but helped me find a shoe that my orthotic fit into a little better.  I am sure he had never fitted such a geriatric foot before, but the end of the story is I ended up with something new:

I am excited to give them a try tomorrow.  Today was a dusty trail run, so I wore my old shoes.  Every runner loves getting new shoes.

As soon as Jasper wakes up from his nap, he and I are going to see a variety show with animals doing tricks called ChickenDog.  It’s not too long and I hope he can make it through the whole thing.  He loves animals, so hopefully it will go smoothly.  It’s not one of his typical “burn a ton of energy” activities so we will see how it goes.   I hear the little artist waking up now….so off we’ll go, me in a brightly colored pair of racing flats.

2 thoughts on “Shoes, the little artist, and ChickenDog”

  1. Clea! I am an Asics devotee too, but my problem with them was that the heel counters started rubbing my achilles, and I ended up with Sauconys as well! Narrow, low heel counters, wide toes. I must be getting OLD…struggling with hamstrings and can’t find the right remedy, so I started switching up shoes.
    We’ve been loving the Jasper media at work! Crown of head is SUCH good apple storage…

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