Trampolines, Boston, and getting your Om on…

I just have time for a quick little post.  This is one of those weeks that time seemed to escape me. 

The Owl started gymnastics this week.  It’s a structured class at a real gymnasts’ gym.  Future Olympians and all that stuff.    Jasper wasn’t real keen on sitting and hearing some basic rules when we got there, but loosened up on the trampolines as a predicted.  Tumbling was a hit too.  He’s the youngest in the class by about a year, so he has a harder time following directions than the other kids do, but at the same time I think it will help him start to follow directions.  Who knows, maybe he will be the first over 6 foot tall Olympic gymnast someday.

I’ve got the first in a series of little time crunches this weekend to get in my marathon training miles.  It’s all good in the long run, and I should be able to cobble together some decent runs, despite still brutal weather.  One thing about a time constraint is it forces me to move my butt and no shuffling around.   I started marathon pace segments in a couple runs this week, and it went well.  Do I have a 3:20 in me for the fall?  It’s unlikely.  I just am not doing that level of training.   I am in the process of re-working my training goals for the week.  6 runs, 1 bike, and 2 yoga sessions….and very minimal time taken away from family.  Still working on how to get it in, but I am close.

Boston Marathon registration opens in a couple of weeks.  I am qualified, but unlikely to get in with the new favoring towards the faster times.  I would probably be crazy to think a toddler could endure that trip….and a husband who doesn’t do marathons or find them entertaining.  Still a girl can dream, right?

Ok…back to work.  If you are in Austin, take advantage of Free Yoga day on Monday.  All yoga classes in town are free.  Go try a hard one and challenge yourself!

3 thoughts on “Trampolines, Boston, and getting your Om on…”

  1. It was great to see you yesterday. Hello, post-Ashtanga soreness! It felt okay during class, but today I can definitely tell that I haven’t been to that class for a while. Enjoy the beautiful Labor Day!

  2. I need to find a class like that for Rome! Thought of you today – need to starting running again. 3 weeks post partum and I feel good enough – think I’d feel better with some regular runs away from the house as well 🙂

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