It's hard not to look cool when you have an angler fish on your shirt

Another quick post.  Another busy week.  I’ve been studying for a certification exam, and it cuts into my evenings.    How people go and get master degrees and the like while working full time with family obligations is beyond me.  One little exam seems to have derailed me.

I never got my entire long run in this past weekend, as time just ran out.  I got most of it in, and felt fairly decent.   Sunday Mark, Pancake and I did our trail run, as seems to have become our norm.  I went to yoga, sweated out everything in my body for the second time that day, and then spent the rest of the day chasing the Owl.  We went to a great bookstore, called Recycled Reads, run by the Austin library.  If perfect condition books for 50 cents each are your thing, then check it out.  Owl got a heap of great looking hardback kids’ books that for whatever reason, the library is taking out of circulation.  He can tear then up or whatever he wants, because at 50 cents each, we can always get more.   Then we went for frozen yogurt, as Jaspy has put it on his 5 food he’s willing to eat list.

I worked yesterday, but was still able to hit Free Day of Yoga.  I had fantasies of 2 days in a row of Ashtanga, but I realized it probably would have killed me, since once day makes me so sore.  I went to a Yoga for Athletes class that was pretty good, and had more of a stretching emphasis, but I was still sore last night.   Free Day of Yoga is such a cool thing though…I just had to go to something.

Today was the day we’ve all been waiting for months…a break in the heat.  I was an entire minute a mile faster on my run without making any effort at all.  I did a speed day and wasn’t disappointed in my times for the first time in months.  Now it’s still in the 90s during the day, but the mornings are turning and after 80 days of over 100, things are looking up.    No rain still, and if you are reading this and not in Texas, I am sure you still heard about the fires.  While I felt a spring in my step this morning and optimism that fall is coming, it was hard not to think about those who just lost everything, and are just a few miles from where I was enjoying a run.

Ok, my veggie burger is inhaled, and works calls again…..Oh, and please keep voting for me to be on Team Refuel.  Not sure why the voting period is so long, but it is, and I still need you help!

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