I’ve had enough fun for a while…

We’ve been busy.  All blogs, playing on the computer at night, and watching Netflix was put on hold for a while to study for my certification exam.   I had it today, and while I do not feel super confident that I passed (it was hard!), I am glad it is done.   I now have a little more free time at night.

We also were out of town over the weekend visiting family.  It was a bit of a challenge…a major challenge.   Some things we realized:  4+ hours in the car is just too long for Jasper.  He did as good as could be expected, but as expected still was tough.  Jasper has been on sleep through the night stretch.  My life is sooooo much better, but if he is not in his crib, he is not going to sleep.  We spent a completely sleepless night with FOUR drives in the car throughout the night to induce sleep.  He would fall asleep in the car then wake back up once we got him to the pack and play.  We gave up at 2am, and I sat with him and Elmo on the ipad until 6am, when I deemed it not too insanely early to run in the pitch blackness of rural Texas, and not too early to let him run around.  A short nap in the car on the drive there and no sleep overnight still has him messed up.   So Jasper may have a bit of a moratorium on travel.

I did a 20 miler the day we left with a 430 start (ick).  I had company with Mark and then with Meghan who was getting married later that day and wanted to get her run in and start her new life off with an injection of endorphins.  It was so much fun to pass the miles as we chatted about “deep talk” kind of stuff:  marriage, kids, life goals, etc.  The run flew by and I felt fantastic.    We came home a day early from our trip after a late night drive home, so I got to unexpectedly go to my yoga class.  So all in all, a good training weekend.  The heat is back though, with the last few days being over 100, so the good feeling that fall is here has kinda left.  I still celebrated completing my exam today with a pumpkin spice latte though.

Finally a picture from a few weeks ago of the little boy eating his favorite food, olives.  Yes, I am aware that frumpy doesn’t even begin to describe my current look, and that I’ve worn that tank top about everyday this summer, but at least there is a yummy IPA in the picture, and the Owl is actually eating his food and not throwing it.

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