So this blog may become even less exciting….and less updated.    Jasper seems to have changed up his bed schedule ever since our out of town trip where he refused to sleep.  He’s been going to bed about an hour later, which doesn’t seem like much, but when you get up at 4:00-4:30, like I do, an hour is a lot…..I go to bed at 900 most nights.   So my evenings have been zapped for the last week.  I am attempting to adapt, but in the process computer time has been tossed out.   This seems to be a pattern though…you get in a groove, figure out a schedule and it gets changed…and not by me!

So the weekend was a very busy blur of high humidity, a long run, kid activities and a yoga class that made me suffer.  I had another 20 miler and timed out at 18.  I just ran out of time and had to call it a day, but 18 in high humidity is probably like 20 on a nice day.   22 this week, and hoping for cool weather.

Nothing exciting coming up other than my longest stint yet of single parenting…but I have another week and a half until it starts, so I a trying to make the most of it.  Getting in my runs, hitting yoga when I can.  In the meantime, these are photos of the Owl and his new favorite pastime…stickers.  It does involved plowing through a $7 book of stickers in about a week, but it also means some quiet time for me to make dinner, empty the dishwasher, or one of the other really exciting things I get to do.  On that note, I am signing off to do one of my favorite things….sleep!

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