Even though it is 15 degrees cooler than it was in August, it is still 95 degrees, so it’s not exactly fall.  But we are pretending.  I’ve had a couple Pumpkin Spice lattes this season, I’ve been putting Jasper in long sleeve PJs at night, and I am on a curry kick.  The pictured curry is from Black Star Co-op, and it’s their new vegetarian curry.  It was super yummy.  It is supposed to come with a side of their amazing fries, but I could not justify creamy coconut milk and fries.  Tonight I made curry udon noodles from the Veganomicon.  There are so many incredible looking recipes on this site.  Mike is joining me in going vegan a few days a week.  Well, not super strict.  I am still eating my regular bread, and greek yogurt for breakfast, but everything else is vegan.  Maybe I can let that yogurt go eventually, but for now it’s staying.  Oh, and if you make the curry noodles, I added baked tofu and omitted the soy sauce.  I made it with the soy sauce, and it was way too overpowering.  I remade the sauce without the the soy, and added raw coconut butter instead (this is the best tasting stuff ever), I also added lots of toasted sesame seeds.  It was delish.

Ok, it’s late.  The Owl wore me out with a gymnastics session and a very long Kid and Play bouncy gym session.  Bed calls…


5 thoughts on “Curry!”

    1. Yes, I will have to buy the cook book. The stuff on the website is all really filling and hearty food. Perfect for fall/ winter. Now if it would just get below 90.

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