“Jasper, what sound does the elephant make?”

A Jasper original. He enjoys using multi-media.

Todderhood is funny.  I spend a lot of time thinking how great it would be if Jaspy never got older, and a lot of time wishing he was old enough to do so many of the really fun kid activities.  The later is especially true during this never ending summer.  Today was 104 degrees, and Mike and I agreed we couldn’t handle the Children’s Museum again, and we’d already done playgrounds in the morning.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of baking by another playscape.  Hopefully if we ever have another summer with 600 days over 100, or whatever the current tally is,  Jasper will be old enough to see a movie, go to the book store without destroying it, and be in the house for more than an hour without going ballistic.

It was a pretty typical weekend.   Got the long run in, made it to my favorite yoga class, had more veggie curry, and ate dirt on the trail.  Mark and I both took inevitable spills this morning in the darkness of Walnut Creek, with just our headlamps.  Only Mark did a graceful fall that I barely noticed and thought he had just jumped over a branch, he popped up so quickly.   On the other hand, I, went down like an elephant with a huge thud, when I failed to see a rut in the trail.   I am already feeling it, and tomorrow won’t be pretty.  I definitely do not have Jasper’s resiliency when it comes to hitting the ground.  I know tomorrow will be the hit by a truck sensation.

Ok, Breaking Bad is about to start.  Anyone else watch it?  I LOVE it.

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