That’s wicked awesome…

I feel like I just won the lottery.

Let me back up a bit:  last year I busted my butt to qualify for Boston in a little local marathon, the Frankenthon.  I was getting about 2-3 hours of sleep a night, nursing Jasper, and losing all my immunity, and just plain worn out.  But somehow, a perfect race came together for me, and I did it…got my qualifier.  Mark, on the other hand, suffered in the heat and humidity, and did not have the best day.   Determined, he threw together an amazing performance in Dallas 6 weeks later and got his qualifier.   Then, we heard about the new Boston standards.  Since the race had sold out in record time last year, the qualifying times were being made harder to get in, and preference was being given to the fastest runners in each age group.  We figured since we both qualified with just a few minutes to spare, we didn’t stand a chance of getting in.

Two weeks ago registration opened for the 2012 race.  The first week the very fastest entrants were allowed to register.  I was shocked when I found out at the end of the week, there were still slots left for those with the slower qualifying times….like me.  I talked to Mark…maybe we should try and get in.  We may never run a qualifier again.  Mike got sick of me looking at the Boston website and told me “Just register!”  So we did.  Both of us felt incredibly guilty for even considering something our families would not be joining us on, but both of us were heavily encouraged by our families to go for it.

As the weekend passed, Mark and I became obsessed.  We both realized we really, really wanted to run this thing.  We made all our plans, and both fretted about getting in.  We had fairly good times in the very last group allowed to register.  Would that be good enough?  What if one got in and the other didn’t?

The email came today.  We are both in.  I am super proud, happy, and honored to run at this amazing event.  I am even happier I go with the full support of Mike and Jasper.  I am so fortunate they encourage me and do whatever they can to help me reach my goals.  Like I said, I feel like I won the lottery.  I have the best family and I get to do some of the most amazing things on the planet.  Yes, I am excited…can you tell?!?


1 thought on “That’s wicked awesome…”

  1. Aaaaaaah, that is SO freakin’ AWESOME!!!

    Congrats to you BOTH! I’m so happy that you’re able to enjoy this experience in the way that you’re going too – having full support of loved ones always makes for icing on the cake. It will be a blast, and you guys are going to rock it!! Can’t wait to track you!

    Great job 🙂

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