Making plans, poor little Owl, and marathon training…

Maybe if we wear Halloween clothes fall will magically come...

I’ve been on the Boston high all week.  This thing is actually going to happen.  We booked a flight immediately because there was only one direct flight from Austin, and believe or not over 100 runners from Austin got in.  Austin is an extremely health oriented community, so I suspect most other cities are not sending that many people to Boston.  We figured we had plenty of time to book a hotel, remember the marathon isn’t until April.  I was poking around for fun, and was shocked that just about everything in downtown Boston was booked.  Other close by areas were booked as well.  I called Mark in a panic, and we decided to book ASAP.  Rooms in downtown Boston shoot up to $400 a night on marathon weekend, so we didn’t really want to stay there anyways.  I hit the Runner’s World Boston marathon forum to seek insider advice, and was really shocked to learn people book a hotel a year in advance, not even knowing if they will qualify.  At the end of the day, we had found what looks like a really nice hotel in Cambridge, with easy access to the “T” (the subway), and walking distance to a huge shopping and dining area.  Having lots of good quality restaurants near your hotel after you finish the race is quite ideal.

My Boston high was temporarily busted when the little boy became sick last night.  Out of no where he threw up a ton of sour milk in my car, and spiked a fever.  We were all on our way to try the Dogfish Head Punkin ale, when he did it.  So no yummy beverage to usher in fall…instead a very unhappy little boy and a very messy car.  Ever the selfish one, I freaked because Mike is going overseas tomorrow at 7am, and I just wanted things to go smoothly, and did not want another solo stint with a very sick child.   Jaspy was still sick this morning, so no work for me today, but I am feeling better about it all.  He should be fine pretty quickly.  These bugs never last too long.  Of course Mike and I are crossing our fingers that neither one of us gets it.

Now despite Boston, I have not forgotten I have a half marathon next weekend, and the Frankenthon 2 weeks after that.   I’ll be running my loops while Mike is gone, so nothing too long, but I’ll run to and from the start of my half, so that will make it a 16 miler or so and my last long run.  I did my run at marathon goal pace this morning, and I have some doubts about how this marathon will play out.  I would LOVE to get another Boston qualifier, but I just don’t seem to be running as fast as I did last year.  So my goal is a magical 3:40.  It’s a long shot, but everything in the next couple weeks in training will be geared towards that.

Provided he gets well, the Owl and I have lots of plans this weekend.  We may make our return to the nature center for the first time in months, as it might actually “only” be 90 this weekend.  I plan to get as many Pumpkin Spice lattes as I can, and we may make it to that “Punkin” ale yet….

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