Saturday cuteness…

The Owl is much better.  Stomach bugs just seem to be 24 hours of misery…for the Owl and me, and then they get better quick.


And this will be a quick post.  I have to pack us up while Jaspy naps.  We are headed to a pumpkin patch when he wakes up.  I figured it’s a nice, balmy 90 degrees….so fall is here.

I did something this weekend I swore I would never do:  I got a babysitter to go run.  Yes, I have a really nice jogging stroller, but Jasper just won’t have anything to do with it right now, and it’s not really fun to try to run with a child throwing a tantrum.  Mike left very early Friday morning, and I had spent all day Thursday on the couch with Jasp while he was sick.  Yesterday I took him to Mueller to run the trail, since he doesn’t seem to walk anymore, only run, and to the nature center that afternoon.   I finally had to ask myself, “why I am feeling so guilty about wanting 2 hours to get away and run?”  So I was able to get one of his teachers from school to come over this morning.  I usually run before 6am, but I knew for someone right out of college who still has a nightlife, that time would be absurd.  So I asked his teacher how early would she be willing to come over and she said 900….sold.

Meghan was the friend of the year and agreed to meet me that late and drive to Hyde Park so I wouldn’t waste babysitting time driving around.  We had a lovely 12 miler and it was strange to run Town Lake at prime time…I NEVER run this late.  I actually had to wear sunscreen.  I had about 10 minutes to spare before I had to be home, so I grabbed a Pumpkin latte and made it home right on time.  It was just nice to have a couple of hours to just enjoy.  Jasp and I had a fantastic day yesterday, but just about every runner in Austin has been waiting for a hint of fall weather, and we have it this weekend.  I really wanted to get out and run, and not run loops with a baby monitor before 6am.  So yes,  the babysitting run was some of the best money I ever spent!

Otherwise, yesterday I prepped a bunch of food so I can eat something besides veggie burgers on salads while Mike is gone.  I bought a bunch of Costco produce so I had  a mountain of spinach and tons of fruit.  Maybe I am starting to catch on to ways to make this single parenting thing easier.

I leave you with a picture of the Owl crunching leaves.  Spending a day with Jasper outside reminds me to really appreciate the simple things in life.

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