Collapse is what I seem to do every evening this week after I get Jasper to bed around 800, and then venture out into the Jasper fall out that lurks in the rest of the house.  I don’t mean collapse in a negative sense, I’m just tired and ready to RELAX!  And, call me OCD, but I cannot relax unless I have cleaned up all the Jasper fall out.

Overall, we’ve done pretty good by ourselves, minus a giant hiccup of me getting sick.  Jasper was sick last week, and so I knew it was only a matter of time.  In a strange way it was a relief when I got it, because now I at least knew it was on it’s way to being over and done with, and I could check the box for at least one of us getting sick when Mike is out of town.  I am fine now, and very slowly regaining my appetite, which really just means I probably am eating an appropriate amount at this point and not enough for a family of four like I normally eat.

As a result of two back to back illness session…Jasp’s then mine, he’s watched more DVDs than normal (and more than I would like, but what else do you do when you have a fever of 101 and a toddler?).   Which means I have seen Cars everyday since Mike has been gone.  I had a dream last night I visited Radiator Springs, so obviously we need an intervention.    Jasp is totally obsessed with the movie.  Luckily I think it’s fantastic, but I wouldn’t mind if he switched it up.  I bought him Fantastic Mr. Fox, but he’s not sold on it yet.

And on the running front, I am getting my loops in with the baby monitor.  7 miles worth today, which is about 36 or so loops.   But it’s all just running…I wouldn’t call it training.  I can’t will myself to do much more than get in a nice run…and it is kinda nice listening to good podcast, seeing the stars very clearly since we do not have streetlights, and not getting spooked by anything since I barely leave my porch the entire run.

Some good things happened this week too.  In no particular order:  got word I am on the Austin marathon pace team again, yay!, got my official mail confirmation I am in the 2012 Boston marathon, our Dyson vacuum arrived….it’s incredible, how did I live without it?, the Owl got 2 new pairs of shoes since he went up an entire size in a couple months, I got my driver’s license renewed…not fun with a 2.5 hour wait, but a major hell task off my to do list, which always feels good.

And, lastly the Owl and I have done lots of fun things together, not just watch Cars.  Here’s pics from our pumpkin patch trip……

Coming up:  half marathon!, the return of Mike, pumpkin lattes….I didn’t manage many since my GI flu bout…I need to make up for it this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Collapse…”

  1. I wonder if we were at the DPS at the same time? I went to get mine renewed at lunch yesterday, was told there would be a 3 hour plus wait, and decided that I would just be a law-breaker for a while longer until I can figure out a way to find 3 hours where I don’t have the kids or need to be at work . . . grrr.

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