See Jane (not) Run…

Today was the See Jane Run women’s half marathon.  I had signed up for this as soon as I learned it was about a mile from my house.  I could walk to the start, and the whole all women race thing means nice shirts, nice expo, and race goodies.  The stars did align and Mike made it home late last night, so I knew I could race in the morning.  I had planned to test my fitness and see where I was…by taking out the race pretty hard.

Rain was forecast, but seeing as how the several months long drought has been devastating to the area, no one in their right mind would complain about running in the rain.  We have not had a downpour in over 6 months.  At 5am I woke to pouring rain.  No need to worry, the race was at 700 and it could easily let up.  I decided not to walk to the race to stay dry just a little longer, and drove, parking a little ways off, staying in my car until the last minute.  I was killing time on my iphone, when an email came up that the race was canceled.  Ok…I didn’t think it was that bad out anymore, but whatever.  But then I saw NO REFUNDS, THE RACE WILL NOT BE RESCHEDULED.  WTF?!?!!  (that last part wasn’t on the email).  Just then, I saw a couple of girls running by, and hollered at them to turn back, the race was canceled with no refunds.  They had the same reaction I did.  One of them said, “I trained, I am running anyways!”  I was already planning this since Mike was home with Jasper and I was free for the first time in over a week.  So we all decided to run together.  One of the girls actually recognized me as a frequent customer of a coffee shop she used to work at.  We ran into a friend of theirs, who thought the whole situation was BS as well, and now 4 of us were off to run a half marathon in a little drizzle.

Turns out I met 3 super cool mamas who all live near by me and were a lot of fun to run with.  One of the girls was doing her first half marathon, so I promised her we would hit 13.1 miles since I was armed with a garmin.  We had a really nice run….took it nice and easy, and all agreed the rain felt great and was not any issue at all.  We parted ways at 13.1 miles (and no rain at all), and I have some new potential running partners.

So I am very disappointed with See Jane Run.  Apparently they are a women’s running apparel retailer but I will not be buying anything from them.  I get that they probably couldn’t credit everyone at this point, but do something.  A rollover to next year, a gift certificate for their store, postpone the race by half an hour, there are many options other than, “sorry for the inconvenience.”  And, did I mention the race cost me $80?  So a huge F- on all accounts.  The packet pickup was unorganized, the race sent a few emails that had indicated they weren’t very together, and then canceling while offering no type of consolation at all.  I WILL NOT be running this one in the future and I would hope anyone that paid upwards of $95 for last minute registration won’t either.

But I had a great run, and still made it to Ashtanga for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I will be feeling it tomorrow!

I am glad to have Mike home and glad I still got my half marathon in today.  I am all the more excited to race the Frankenthon in 2 weeks.  Hopefully Austin will get some more rain this week too!

4 thoughts on “See Jane (not) Run…”


    That really sucks. I can’t believe they did that. They’re pretty well known, and it’s not like the race didn’t have enough runners. Ridiculous.

    Glad you got out there and ran anyway, AND you got to meet some new friendly faces 🙂

  2. Congrats on getting your 13.1 in regardless of the weather, that’s awesome! I was pretty bummed this morning when we heard it was cancelled, especially since I found out first from two companies other than SJR. It wasn’t until I was nearly home (and I don’t live close) that I finally received the email. I understand the race being cancelled because of the thunder/lightning and it being a safety issue. However the whole lost medals/champagne glasses, coupled with the lack of communication to the runners this morning was disappointing. And from what I’ve heard, this isn’t the first time SJR has had issues. Apparently in Seattle they ran out of medals for finishers, along with a few other mishaps. I ran another inaugural race last year and it had it’s issues (as any first-time race does) but nothing like this. I don’t know if I would consider running this one next year.

  3. I just read a recap of the SJR in Oakland, where they ran out of race packets (even though they have a count of how many people are registered – blows my mind…) and then ran out of chocolate at the finish line!

  4. I am really disappointed with See Jane Run too. They should def comp entry fees for people who paid. I planned our vacation from New Jersey around this run, and while I did drink some champagne, mostly I’m now a Title Nine fan. I wish I had run anyhow too!

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