Pre-marathon thoughts…

There’s really not much going on here.   It’s finally starting to dip below 90 degrees so we’ve been hitting playgrounds every chance we get.    The biggest thing on my radar is a marathon next weekend.  I’ve had the world’s longest taper, so I suppose I am rested..but not necessarily ready.

Mark is a great running partner because he’s also a total geek when it comes to articles on training.  I’m not sure why we geek out on stuff like that, because we really end up running the same workouts all the time.  We were talking about it this morning, on a pre-5am run, and we agreed we’re both just trying to be reasonable with what fits in our lives.

Austin is not a good representation of most of America.  It seems like just about everyone here is pretty fit, and doing Ironman races and ultras is the norm.  So it’s really easy to know people who train like crazy.   There’s also so many stories in Running Times, Runner’s World, and the running blogs that talk about someone working a full time job, having 2 kids, and still finding the time to work out twice a day and cook vegan meals.  I’ve analyzed my day…I’m not as busy as a lot of my friends, but I am busy enough that increasing my workouts would come at a price.  I guess you could argue that if I want to see improvements I need to be willing to put forth the effort.   I am…but to a point.  When the evening chores and Jasper stuff is all said and done, I usually have an hour to an hour and a half before I need to crash.  If I always spent that time working out I would be a very dull person.  And, you might say “you’re a very dull person already!”..and maybe you are right.  But in the little bit of time I like to do things like write on this blog, bake sugary things I shouldn’t be eating, watch really good shows on AMC like “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead”, read, and sometimes I get caught up in  home improvement projects.  I know…real exciting stuff, but I need that stuff.  Mark and I agreed we always torn between striving for improvements in our running, and just doing it for fun.    I definitely did not do everything I wanted to for next week’s race.  I didn’t near as much speed work as I wanted and my last long run was further out from race day than I would have liked.  I’ve just gotta roll with I got.  I tried to focus more on building strength in my weak areas through yoga and cycling.  I feel like I got a good start to this, but I plan to build on it for Boston.

Oh yes, Boston…I need to keep my eyes on the prize.   My number one goal is to get to Boston healthy.  So, a little leaner, a little stronger and a little more flexible.  After next weekend’s race, I expect to go into full spreadsheet making mode and come up with something that will work for me and my life.  Mark was so wonderful to make me a training spreadsheet for next weekend’s race, but I learned it’s just doesn’t work for me to follow something that doesn’t take in to account all that I have going on.  I need to be my own spreadsheeter…although Mark and I do plan to collaborate on training.

Anyone read about the 39 week pregnant woman who ran the  Chicago marathon and delivered later that day?  I think it’s a great story.  What no one seems to mention in any of the stories that question her judgement is she did it in over 6 hours.  That’s a pretty mellow pace.  She was very experieinced, so it sounds like she just had an easy day of walk/ jogging.  I never even made it to 39 weeks, I only made it to day 1 of 38 weeks, but I couldn’t even walk at that point.  You can bet if walking felt good, as long as I felt fine, walking a race would be something I would have wanted to do also.   Everyone’s experience is so different.

Ok…back to me  🙂   Next week will be a mild taper.  Since I’ve been doing pretty mellow runs for a while, I just plan to keep it up.  I am excited.  After last’s weekend’s half marathon fiasco, I am itching to run.  My goal is a 3:40.  It’s a reachable, but challenging goal.   I hope I have it in me.

Other stuff up this weekend/ next week:  getting a massage (yay!), going out for sushi (double yay), lots of playground time with the little boy, and hopefully some cool weather.


1 thought on “Pre-marathon thoughts…”

  1. Good luck to you next week! You’ll do awesome! You are so inspiring- doing all of this while working full time and sometimes being a single mom.

    Totally agree with you on the marathon thing- it took her 6.5 hours! That is a super long time. Not saying that it isn’t impressive. I wasn’t running (injured!) at that point. And I know I wouldn’t have done a full at that point (partly my pride of not wanting to be that slow- shame on me). But yeah, I think it’s awesome…but at the same time, so super slow. I have had several runner friends who are angry about it (I think just jealous!).

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