Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Uggg, I am a complete idiot.  Please know that my stupidity comes from a place of good….from the love for my dog and my family.  The main reason I run trails once a week is for Pancake.  Watching her run off leash for about 6-7 miles in pure nirvana is really incredible.  I also don’t want my selfish running to impact my family, so I run pre-dawn.  This means the trail run is in the dark using a headlamp…which has worked most of the time.  A couple of weeks ago I took a hard fall and landed on my hip and didn’t make it out there for a couple weeks.  Mark and I tried again today…and I’ve run my last trail run.  Another fall for me, and I am now done.  It’s just too hard on me if I go down while I’m running out there.

Yesterday was a nice day with an easy, easy 12 miler.  I ended it feeling like I hadn’t run at all and felt confident for my marathon.  Then I had a much needed massage in the late afternoon, and we went to dinner with some friends, so it was a rare night out.  Got up early to hit the trail and all was fine for almost the entire run.  About a mile and a half before the end I stubbed my big toe hard on just a little stump sticking up…but it brought me down.  The fall part wasn’t too bad…the toe jamming against the stump was.  I have no give at all in my big toes since they have arthritis.  For a while it really, and I mean really hurt.  I freaked (and am still freaking out).  I have a bruised toe, but my joint is so stiff now it has no bend.  I’ve been icing it and taking ibuprofen today, but I am concerned about the marathon.  One positive thing is it has felt better as the day has gone on….not worse, so I have my fingers crossed I just wake up tomorrow a little sore with a purple toe, and not limping!

Lesson learned!  Sure it’s not something serious, but I may have ruined my marathon next weekend by doing something stupid.  I knew my big toes cannot withstand jamming into something, and that is a big risk if you run rocky trails.  I promise to never run trails again unless it is a gravel hike and bike.  Can I somehow sign my name in blood online?   Poor Pancake will need to find another way to running happiness…because two big falls in a row is my limit.  Not only is my toe sore, but the impact and tensing up when I hit the ground has me sore.  I completely undid the great massage I had yesterday…now I feel like a ball of knots.

The pictures are from the marathon course.  Jasper and I scouted it out yesterday.  I WAS excited then after seeing it, but now just worried I won’t get to run.

Ok….gotta get some more ice on the toe.  Good bye trails…unless I am walking.


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