So things are not ideal for marathon running.  While I still plan to run Saturday, I’ve been limpy all week with my big toe, and the rest of me was pretty sore from falling hard, which almost has been worse than the toe  I really don’t have Jasper’s resiliency.  But I am trying to be positive.  I don’t want to sound like I am making excuses or being self defeating, but the reality I still am not 100%.  I may not meet my goal, but I am just happy to run, and I have Boston to really focus on.  After this race I really, really want to rest and get all these little sore areas knocked out.

Did you read about the Hawaii Ironman a few weeks ago?  The women’s winner, Chrissie Wellington, took a really hard fall on her bike a few days before the race and could barely move.  Somehow she blocked it out and it all came together for her on race day.  I don’t follow triathlon, but I heard a couple of interviews with her on Competitor radio, and she sounded like the nicest, most humble person.  Definitely inspiring stuff if you need something to listen to during a workout.  And for those who fear triathletes having long ramblings about their training, she really doesn’t talk about that, but about not wanting to let her fans down and about wanting to give a great performance.  There’s not really a way I can compare something that epic to my small, little local marathon, but it’s a lesson in not giving up.

Ok…gotta start thinking about bed.  No run tomorrow = a little extra, much needed sleep.  Yay!!!!!


1 thought on “Inspiration…”

  1. Oh man. They showed her injuries, I about lost my breakfast – it was so disgusting and gnarly. Kudos to her, I would be on day #47 on the couch. Glad you got some extra sleep. Sending healing vibes for your toe!!

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