Today was the Frankenthon marathon.    My goal was to get my BQ (Boston qualifier) and I did.  so, I am good if I decide to go in 2013 (as long as I get past the tiered registration system).  So I ended up with a 3:38 and change.  I needed 3:40.

I had my doubts:   my fall, nursing a cold, and a crappy night of sleep.  I was really nervous yesterday.  This morning, I guess I had gotten all my nerves out, because I didn’t feel too anxious when I got up.  I was more anxious about driving the torn up road to get there that is pitch black.  The minute I started I was calm and went into my rhythm.  My goal was 8:15 miles, and that would give me a little cushion for 3:40, so it would cover water stops and if I hit a bathroom.  I started with a 8:25 opener, and then hit 8:00s.  I checked in to see if that was too fast for me, and I felt 100% relaxed with no heavy breathing, no tension, so I kept it up….for the next 18 miles.  I felt completely fine, but at mile 19, I slowed by 30-45 seconds per mile, and despite trying repeatedly, I could not respond.  I would surge to an 8:20, but it was always short lived.  Did I go out too fast?  I really don’t think so; I was so relaxed.  I am really not sure why my wheels just fell off.  The last 2 miles were really painful, and I saw my huge lead on 3:40 chipping away.  With a mile to go, I realized I was in danger of missing the time by just a minute or two.  That’s just way to close to a goal for me…..I knew I would be so mad at myself if I ran 3:41.  So I pushed hard and barely got it, but I got it.

One reason I love racing is every race is still such a challenge.  It never gets easy.   I always learn something to apply to my next race.  I may need those goofy compression socks next time.  My feet and lower legs got so, so sore on my drive home.  I blame it on the fact that most the course is concrete…the most unforgiving of surfaces.  I can tell I worked really hard though, because I am soooo spent.  Even with having Mike around I was looking forward to the Little Boy’s bedtime.  Nothing like holding a 30 pound toddler while standing on feet that feel like they had a caning on the bottoms.   Jaspy is by far the hardest part of marathon running.   There is NO rest afterwards.

The Frankenthon is just a perfect race though.  If you live in the Austin area and want to try to run a fast time…it’s a good course.  It’s not crowded, but you’re never alone with the out and backs.    The water stops are very efficient since the race is small.  The course is super pretty, and doesn’t get boring.  I will be back.  I’m two for two on getting my Boston time!


2 thoughts on “Frankenthon…”

  1. Congrats on your race! I was thinking of you Saturday morning. It was a bit warm and very humid for a marathon, but it obviously didn’t slow you down too much.

  2. Congrats!!! You did so great! I can imagine not having any rest much afterwards. Toddlers aren’t very thoughtful that way. 🙂

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