Boring, boring, boring…

So, I couldn’t come up with any really good ideas for posts.   Rehashing my weekend just seemed kinda sad…I had a whole post written and realized it just wasn’t all that interesting.    I did the usual:  some running, some yoga, some Jasper activities…but these websites are much more interesting.  Enjoy….

I really liked the latest Ultrarunner Podcast interview!   Give it a listen.  I had not heard of the guy, Frank, that they interview, but he tells it like it is.  I agreed with a lot of what he says.   Some might find it controversial, but I liked it.

I also have become a fan of Lauren Fleshman’s blog.  She’s an elite runner, but seems like such a “normal” person on her blog.     She’s running the NY marathon this weekend.  Hopefully it will be televised.

Ok, and I am stealing this last one from Mark.  The King Arthur Flour website has fantastic recipes.  I made the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for a potluck, and they were a hit.  I really wanted to keep them just for me.  Will someone make the pumpkin whoopee pies, and deliver them to my front door?  Thanks….

Finally, no Halloween for the little boy.  He could have been a cowboy or a lion.  Both options sent him into a rage if I put the costume on him.  So he wore pajamas and went trick or treating to one house.  Oh well, he had fun.  Maybe next year we’ll get a costume on him..

1 thought on “Boring, boring, boring…”

  1. Again– parallel lives. I just discovered the King Arthur website in my search for GFCF recipes in for the boy. We made the most delicious (though decadent) chocolate puddle cookies from one of their recipes last weekend. Yum. Smart call on nixing Halloween. H went for the first time. Loved it, but was overwhelmed. Ended the eve with a tantrum, fall, and bloody lip.

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