I’ve got nothing…no interesting stories, no exciting events.  Life is on hyperdrive at the moment, and I just haven’t gotten around to doing anything but the day to day. I also have no new pictures of the little boy, because I am so lazy.   So here he is watching Cars, or Cars II.  The Pixar folks are pretty much geniuses since they seem to have created something that every little boy under the age of 5 is obsessed with.  I try really hard to limit tv and movies, but give in sometimes.  If you can tell me how I can get ready for work, and make dinner with a toddler, and entertain him without a tv,  then maybe I won’t end up watching Cars at least once a day.

I’ve got a 3 day out of town work trip coming up this weekend….cue intense feelings of guilt for leaving a little boy with a cold and chronic mama-itis.    But, it’s work; I HAVE to go.  I better learn to deal quick, because I have another trip in April to Boston and I want to have fun and not feel like a complete jerk for leaving a little boy with mama-itis with Mike.   Good news is I should be able to run on my trip, even if really early. The hotel has maps from Runner’s World of recommended routes.  How cool is that?  Just hoping Chicago isn’t too cold at 5am… or too scary.

I am kicking off my next training cycle.   It’s a strange one…training to run a very controlled 5 hour marathon for the marathon pacing coupled with running a Boston fast enough to entice Mark to run with me.  More on that to come.

Every morning on my way to work I see a woman running with her jogging stroller with a kid that looks a little younger than Jasper.  If  Jasper was better about the stroller, I wish I could be out there with him.   They always look like they are having a good time.   There’s just something nice about seeing them day in, day out.  Maybe a reminder of  the little boy who just got dropped off at daycare (like I need one!), maybe the ease of routine?, maybe I just like seeing people run…who knows.  It’s just one of those small details that make me smile inside, as I head off to sit in a little office for the rest of day….and don’t we all need those little details?

And on that note…back to work for me.   Also, can someone please convince me to get rid of my Halloween candy?  I think I’ve hit a point where I cannot get through the day without a package of Whoppers.


3 thoughts on “Nothing…”

  1. Girl I feel you. Yesterday I looked at my husband and said, “I am stuck in a never ending loop of writing, not running, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” – it is wearing on me for sure.

    You are showing way more restraint than I would have in regards to the seeing the lady with the baby on a daily basis. 1) I would emphasize the importance of rest days (ok, kidding!) 2) I would jump out of the car and nearly beg her to be my friend. It’s amazing what a 30 minute loop around the ‘hood on a random Saturday sans kids can do for you.

    Mommy guilt sucks. I wish I could say “oh, you’ll be fine”, but I’ve been there and it stinks. How about “I hope you get through this the best you can, and that you don’t hear horror stories from home”. *sigh* Good luck, lady.

  2. HI! i just left a comment on your old blog, but wanted to re-comment in case you don’t check it anymore…I had a baby in August and have been getting back to running. Your site is the #1 hit for the Google search “postpartum running”. I was really shocked by how little info there is out there.
    Looking forward to cruising your archives for more running experiences. (and i’m blogging about mine at http://www.thekriegers.org)

  3. I don’t care if you write about nothing!!! I’ve missed your posts! Oh and I can relate to the Pixar movies. Joseph does not like Cars for some odd reason but we find Nemo almost every other day. When we aren’t finding Nemo, we are watching Toy Story 1, 2, or 3. I know how hard it is to get stuff done without TV sometimes. 🙂 Try to enjoy your weekend away!! I know you feel guilty, but you shouldn’t. Your hubby and the little man will survive and it’ll probably be good for both of them. 🙂

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