One year ago…

What a difference a year makes!

Wow, these pictures were taken exactly a year apart.  I love to compare.  I am sure every mom thinks their kid will be whatever age they are currently at forever, and it’s so hard to imagine anything else.  Note to self…must be better about printing these out!!!

If you are still reading at this point, get ready for my marathon commentary.  I am missing the San Antonio marathon this weekend.  I signed up back in February, and then it turned out my parents were in town the same weekend.  I’d kinda feel like a jerk if I had gone to SA for half the time they were here, so I did the Frankenthon a few weeks earlier instead.  It all worked out in the end because this work conference came up at the last minute, and I wouldn’t have been able to go to matter what, and would have been very disappointed to find out at the 11th hour all my training had gone to waste.  But the whole “corporate” marathon thing has left me underwhelmed.

What's wrong with a nice simple tree? It just needs a little love.

San Antonio is a Rock and Roll race.  I know they are popular, and I’ve never done one, so they may be really great, and I don’t know what I am talking about.  But these people spam me everyday, and sometimes more than once a day.  They charge extra for “rockstar port-potties” (ok, this warrants a WTF!?!?!), charge you extra for a finisher’s shirt, extra for shuttling to the start and finish, and charge for a tour of the course the day before.  I feel like Charlie Brown here, but this reeks of commercialism.

I love Boston and it’s huge and has plenty of opportunity to buy stuff (which I plan to do!), but you get a nice shirt, shuttle prices are included, and you get treated like royalty.  I think at the end of the day most runners want a nice course with interesting scenery,  a nice shirt they might wear, doesn’t need to be a tech shirt, just something worthy of more than a Goodwill pile, and an organized start/ finish area.  Anything else is gravy.  And, I do recognize in this recession period that marathons need sponsors to stay afloat, but do we really need to have a marketing opportunity at every corner?  I’m all for whatever it takes to stay motivated, and keep people moving and in an active lifestyle.   But there is much to be said about a nice run, on a pretty day with a few other folks who feel the same way.

Ok, bedtime for me.   Someone was up all night last night crying over new teeth.  I am out of practice on functioning on 3 hours sleep.  My eyeballs hurt.  I am going to bed at 900 on a Friday.

Ok…get out and run, walk or just sit on a park bench, but go enjoy fall this weekend.


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