Catching up…

A lot has happened in the week or so since I last posted.  I had a Chicago trip for work; my second work trip ever, and I am another year older.

Life has been so busy the last week and a half just about everything that isn’t work and Jasper has fallen by the wayside…including this blog.  It doesn’t help that my laptop is currently not working either.  I left Austin early on Sunday for Chicago, for a conference.  Conference was good…and got my wheels turning about work and brought up my enthusiasm for what I do.  Chicago was a really great city, as I had never been there.  Our time to sight see was super limited, and as anyone who has gone on a work trip knows, there’s a lot of go with the flow during the whole group time thing.  But we did manage to have deep dish pizza and a trip to Sprinkles, which at the time we had no idea was a foodie mecca, as the founding location of the cupcake craze.

I also managed two fantastic runs on the Lakeshore trail.  I had no idea if I would even get to run, or if it would be feasible from our hotel.  Turns out it was really easy to take a pedestrian tunnel to miles, and miles of Lakeshore trail.   I ran up and back Navy Pier with views of the skyline all lit up still since it was only 530 am.  I followed the path along and enjoyed a mini tour of the city on foot.   It was great I got to run, as this was a 9 hour conference, including lunchtime speakers, so getting my legs moving in the morning was a real treat.  I had a couple hours on the last day before my flight, and used them to try and piece together a work wardrobe at the nearby mall since I did not have Jasper with me for the first time in ages.  I was semi-successful, but still searching for a place that sells work pants that actually fit me.   I swear shopping for pants is about the most frustrating thing in the world to me.  At least I didn’t do what I normally do….come home with no work clothes but a new running outfit instead.

I got home tired, and happy to be back and see my boys and my border collie again.  Wednesday was a whirlwind of catching up a million chores.

Thursday I woke up to start my 39th year with a horrible neck spasm.  How appropriate.  I was so tired I hadn’t moved an inch all night, and my neck was so stiff I could barely turn my head.   I met Mark for a 430am run, then headed off to work.  Mike had given my most of my present early to keep warm with in Chicago….a new lululemon outfit.   We are doing a baby sitter and movie tomorrow, so for Thursday we just had takeout.  Mike’s mom had a cheesecake and chocolate mini soufflés sent for a birthday cake, so I’ve been nibbling those the last few days.  I never look at birthdays as a negative thing, and enjoy the experience that is gained with getting older.  Sometimes I regret not planning more for my birthday, but I never get sad about “getting older”.  In fact, I am quite excited about becoming a masters runner next year.  But, for now, I’ll try and settle back and enjoy my 39th year.

Well…I’m turning in.  Luckily I’ve been doing these geriatric bedtimes for years, so that’s no change for me as I get older.  Hoping to have some time for some interesting running posts this week…we’ll just see if the little boy lets me get to the computer!


1 thought on “Catching up…”

  1. Happy Birthday Clea! I’m glad you had a good trip. It’s nice to have a little adult time, and then also so great to get back to the family.

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