Jasper and I get a pumpkin fro-yo at least once a week

Here’s a running tip……if the weather looks bad, and your alarm has already gone off, go ahead and get up.  Get yourself ready, because there is always a chance the rain could let up.  Running in a drizzle is completely doable, and sometimes quite pleasant.  Running in a downpour so hard you cannot see in front of you is no fun, but that may not be what happens.  That was the case this morning.  After a nice night of about 4-5 hours sleep, the downpour started about 3:45.  I was set to get up at 430.  If I went back to bed, I probably wouldn’t fall asleep, still be tired all day, and be pissed I didn’t run.  So I got up.  A text from Mark was waiting questioning if we should run.  I texted I was in.  I’m sure he had some choice words for me at that point, and while he was driving to my house in treachorus conditions.  But right as he pulled up, things dropped down to a drizzle and less than half a mile into the run we had no rain at all.    We had a great run with nice overcast skies, and not a soul on the Mueller trail, minus some ducks swimming on part of the trail!  I always say, you almost never regret going for a run, and almost always regret skipping a run.

I am so happy it is Thanksgiving.  We are doing pretty much nothing and I want it that way.  I need to catch up on everything at home.   Mark and I have a Thanksgiving morning 16 miler planned.  I know everyone loves the turkey trot, but I just love getting up early on Thanksgiving and going on a quiet run either alone or with a small group.  It’s much more reflective and gives me time to notice whatever hints of fall there are out there instead of a mass of people in front of me.   I’m thankful I could rope Mark into the 5am start madness, but I will be very happy when I am home at 8am making post run Kerbey Lane pumpkin pancakes.
I got my marathon pacer gear last week, and made me kick into full training mode.  I am trying to decide about a half marathon next week.  It’s one I’ve run many times, and love.  What makes the whole deal questionable is the price tag.  It’s up to $65.   That’s just a lot of money however you rationalize it.  I may be fast approaching a point that I only do marathons due to cost.  If I’m going to spend over $50 to run, I might as well get a lot of bang for my buck.  Does anyone else feel this way?
Well, I probably should return to work.  Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.   If you want something to listen to on your next run, check out the last few 3 Non-joggers podcasts.  They have seriously had me laughing out loud while I listened at work.  Then I felt a little silly explaining I was laughing at a running podcast, because, most people are not aware such things even exist, and if they do, that doesn’t really seem like something that would be funny.  Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving.

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