I'm thankful for both of my "babies."

Thanksgiving has come and gone and as is the case most years, I realized I’ve done nothing to prepare for Christmas.    Thanksgiving weekend is always a nice little break but includes a panic attack when I realize how little time there is to get the holiday stuff done.  I swear I will become one of those people who Christmas shop during the summer at some point in my life.

Thanksgiving was slighting marred this year by a daycare virus.  This is not a scientific term, but just what  I call these little illnesses I seem to get ever since I had Jasper.  They seem to be a fast onset of fever and general misery, but it only lasts 24 hours or so.  But it’s an intense high fever that renders me useless.  Mark and I had a lovely long run on Thanksgiving morning.  It was chilly and I couldn’t stop shivering when I got home.  I realized this was chills and yep…fever was not far behind.  I was very thankful that Mike’s Thanksgiving request was I not spend all day in the kitchen, and focus on family time instead,  so I pre-ordered a really tasty dinner from Central Market.  Turned out very handy to have dinner already made so I could be an invalid.  Good news is at this point (Friday night) I am almost 100% normal.  Bad part is I feel I wasted a precious extra day off being an invalid.  I slept for two hours during Jasper’s nap.  I haven’t done that since he was born.  It felt soooo good.  Life is just better with naps.

I’ll probably write a longer post about it later, when I finish reading it, but if you read only one book about running, read Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.   If someone asked me “how does running fit into your life and what does it mean to you?, I would just give them this book.    Anyhow…more to come to try to entice everyone to read this book!

We are still enjoying the mini-chocolate soufflés Mike’s mom sent.   It’s just so hard not to heat one of those little bits of heaven up, when I know they are just waiting for me in the freezer.  The take about 15 minutes to heat.  The other night I popped one in the oven, did my 15 minute core routine then, settled in to enjoy a soufflé.  Yes, I actually did core work while a chocolate soufflé was cooking.    I realize how crazy that seems.  I really should not keep desserts in the house.

Off to read….then sleeeeeep.


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