Catching up…

I love our gingerbread house!
A blurry but cute picture of Jasp in his Thanksgiving headdress

For someone who said I want to write in my blog everyday, I do a terrible job.  I could write a really long post on my utter lack of time management, but that is not very interesting.  I’ll keep  it at a plea for someone who has figured out how to squeeze everything they need and want to do into 2 weekend nap sessions and about an hour in the evenings to let me know how they make it work.

And, as has been my theme, I really don’t have anything going on that would really excite anyone else.  I am someone who is pretty happy with the status quo…I like routines, but I recognize routines don’t make for interesting reading material.

I’ve been very inspired by Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.  I hope to finish reading it in the next couple days.  What is so great about it is the running talk is all fairly routine daily run type stuff, but he somehow manages to elevate into wonderful story telling.  Maybe that’s the only place I can take my blog right now…the everyday routine, and try and find the story in it.

So this week has been true winter running so far.   We don’t get as cold as a lot of the country does, but the last 3 days I’ve had overcast, drizzly runs in the 40s.  It’s character building weather.   I admit, I put off going out into it as long as I can, but I have every intention of getting out.  I may cut a 20 miler short or something like that, but I seldom let weather scare me off.  Warm clothes help.  I refuse to freeze and like a light layer of sweat when I run, so I end up much more heavily dressed than most of my running friends.   My current warm outfit of choice is arm warmers under a long sleeve shirt.  This morning I put a windbreaker on top of that and I was toasty.  Typically on a windy, cold , drizzly day, I will not see another runner.  Weekends at town lake are different…there’s a lot of folks who will brave it, but on a weekday like today I was alone.  These are always really good runs when you get right down to it.  I make a deal with myself and on total suck it up and get out the door type mornings, I throw away any speed training, hill work, and just run a routine loop without checking my watch.  I will also say, I come home feeling pretty empowered after a run that has a grit your teeth feel to it.   Now these runs are really great on a weekend when I get to come in, strip off my cold, wet clothes, put back on flannel PJ bottoms and a sweatshirt, grab a cup of coffee and start my stretching. Then finish stretching and sit around with coffee a while more before showering.  And the absolute best is after stretching is to make some kind of hearty breakfast like pancakes or homemade oatmeal, and not feel rushed to get myself or a certain little high energy boy dressed.  But…this is not how a weekday goes.  It’s much more rushed, but I’ll still take the run.  These super alone runs in the cold are the ones where I really notice things.  This morning the lake at the Mueller trail was flooded, creating more of a wetland than a trail.  I saved this section for last, knowing my feet would get soaked.  All the ducks were standing on the trail with water up to their little duck knees and their heads tucked into a wing.  I guess it’s how they stay warm.  Or who knows, maybe they really don’t get cold and they were quite comfy in a 40 degree drizzle.

Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder and it’s most likely I am meeting Stephanie.  Meeting someone is huge motivation on these cold mornings, but I still try and enjoy the alone runs.

I’m going to start a little series on memorable runs.  I challenge my bloggy friends to do the same.  It should make for some good reading.



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