3 Movies and 15 Cookies…

I should be doing my yoga core routine right now.  I am actually pretty good about doing it at least once a week.  It’s a 15 minute routine that Mark gave me and it’s pure pain of 100% core work.  I hate it, but do it so I can stay healthy for my real love…running.   So in the name of procrastination, here I am blogging.

It’s been a cold, cold week.  I’ve bundled up quite well though, and actually have been a little toasty on a couple runs.  This weekend I kick off the first really long run of the Austin pacing/ Boston training.  Boston seems so far away, but Austin does not.  Last year I suffered mightily at Austin…I just wasn’t used to being out for so long on my feet.  This year I have vowed not to suffer which means throwing in a few more long runs than normal.

Has anyone seen the website for the new Western States movie?  I am just about 100% sure I will never run this race, having missed my very narrow window to apply a few years ago.  Now, I don’t think I will ever do that kind of trail running again.  But, I feel like I know what it’s like to run a 100 miler, even if the only one I ever did wasn’t a mountainous course.  I notice it’s not being screened in Austin even though we have umpteen billion running stores now (it’s being screened in theaters and running stores alike).  This means to see it I’ll have to buy a copy.  It’s the 3rd Western States movie to come out, and you really have to wonder “how many of these do I need to own?”  It’s a little like getting a drink at Starbucks:  there are people without enough to eat in the world and yet I occasionally spend $5 on a cup of coffee and potentially might own 3 movies about a 100 mile run that most people in the world would find utterly ridiculous. I’ve hinted to Santa that I would like a copy of the movie, but I doubt the Santa I know would ever want his name on an email list of ultra running film making company.  So, I’ll probably give in and order it at some point.  BTW, how in the heck did moms used to shop before the internet?  Or anyone for that matter?

Ok, ok.  The core routine calls.  It’s really not a bad idea since we did a cookie exchange at work today.  I only sampled about 15 different items…


1 thought on “3 Movies and 15 Cookies…”

  1. LOL my friends ask me all the time WHY i even run – i’m not about to start explaining why i would like a dvd about running 100 miles.


    Maybe Santa will hear our pleas!!!

    PS – No way am i standing in line to Christmas shop, i don’t even want to know what that is like with a toddler. Yikes.

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