Christmas tree farms are the way to go.  Much more fun than going to Home Depot, and this tree is soooo much better than the one we got last year.

We headed out to the farm right after I ran an 18 miler.  So, yes, I was totally pooped and Jasp and I both fell asleep on the way home.  I made all 800 feet of that paper chain to have something safe for Jasp to pull off the tree if that is what ends up happening.  I put a few soft and non-breakable plastic ornaments up and…..drumroll…..the house finally feels Christmas-y.  Last year Jasp completely ignored the tree.  This year he loves it and like to go up and practice his “gentle touch” on a branch.   I really like our tree.  I was glad we could support some local farmers who have been devastated by the horrible drought this summer.   From now on we’re getting a farm tree every year!

Today I had a great run with my friend Anna who braved the maze that is Mueller to meet me.  Then I got to hit my favorite Ashtanga class.  Only 4 of us showed up today which usually means prepared to get your butt kicked.  The instructor always has a lot more time to give one on one help and introduce new postures when the class is small.  I will have some serious soreness tomorrow.  But, I am loving doing this heated class on cold days.  If you’ve never tried yoga, try a hot class on a cold day…it feels amazing.

Jasp and I tried to go to the Cherrywood Christmas Art Fair.  We’ve picked up some great gifts from local artists here in the past.  I should have known he just wouldn’t be into it though.  Most the kids’ activities were just too old for him or had closed up shop by Sunday afternoon.  He was more interested in playing in the street which really isn’t an option.  So we just walked all over the place while Jaspy kicked a half deflated soccer ball we found.  There were wonderful looking food carts, and I did snag a pineapple empanada after waiting in line for it with a screaming Owl, who darted towards the street the minute I tried to fumble for my wallet.  Maybe this event will be easier next year.  Last year, I wore him in a carrier…that was much easier than chasing him.

Oh well, at least he loves our tree!!

Upcoming this week:  Mike goes out of town 😦  maybe, just maybe finish Christmas shopping, and marathon pacer run.

I also swear I am going to start writing up memorable runs posts.  Just gotta do when I have a little bigger chunk of time.  More to come….


2 thoughts on “Tree…”

  1. You are one of the busiest ladies I know!!

    Love the Christmas tree – I wish we had Texas weather like you will… lol!

    Man, a pineapple empanada sounds delicious……

  2. I so want to do a real tree next year!! I think Joseph might be the death of my fake tree this year. I only put big plastic ornaments, ribbon streamers, and the angel on top. The angel has taken many a tumble and Joseph removes all ornaments he can reach. And what is it with Toddlers and their fascination with the street? Joseph is the same way, I turn loose for a second and he’s darting into traffic. It’s taking years off my life!!!

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