Teeth and strollers…

Been meaning to post these pics forever.  It was super cold and windy on this day, and we were the only ones there.

Mike has been out of town (back now), and while nothing horrible happened, Jasper did manage to have teething pain and an asthma attack, so my sleep was cut into somewhat.  He did my least favorite sleep antic:  a wake up right before my alarm goes off at 430.  Then I am faced with let him cry and hope he goes back to sleep on his own, and if he doesn’t miss my run,  going in and trying to get him back to sleep, but risking completely waking him up, or being in his room for an hour and missing my window to run.  Neither are really good options.  I opted to try the second option and we had a massive failure.  He was up, running around at 430.  There goes my run, and my only chance to run since Mike is gone.  Just for grins I opened the garage door and pulled out his hated stroller.  He freakin’ climbed into the thing!!!  Shortly after that, all 3 of us were off (Pancake suddenly wanted to run too).  It was drizzling and Jasp’s legs got a little wet (it was warm though), but he never made a peep.  Just sip milk and ate some dry cereal.  Who is this kid?  He must have known that after a 430 wake up and an hour and a half crying session the night before over teeth, I REALLY wanted to go run.  Every now and then, things just work out perfectly.

The rest of the day…not so perfect.  A 45 minute nap, a melt down at the car dealership during my pre-scheduled maintenance appt (we just had to leave.  Hopefully my car will make it until another time), and finally an over tired asthmatic boy refusing to let me put him down.  He weighs over 30 pounds.  My arms are actually sore today.

But at least I started my morning with a sweaty 7 miler up and down the neighborhood streets, with the Christmas lights still lit, and a happy boy and a happy border collie.

Ok bed calls….Who know what those sore teeth have in store for me tonight.



1 thought on “Teeth and strollers…”

  1. Dang girl, sounds like you had a pretty rough week, I hope last night went better for you both!! That’s awesome that you got your run in though, and even better – with a cooperative toddler!

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