I may look funny but at least my feet feel good…

Jasp at the park

It’s Christmas Eve, eve.  I’ve had great ideas for running posts all week, but like everyone else, not much free time.  Ok…here’s what I’ve been doing:

I went out for sushi for a friend’s birthday, and totally loved it.  Austin is a super-foodie town, but I rarely get to take advantage of it.  We went to a new, foodie-insider type place, and it was so much fun to try all kinds of new things.    Jaspie and I have been practicing the alphabet at night.  He’s got a couple letters down which is huge for the little boy who doesn’t talk (minus screaming Ma-ma! all the time).  I also have been riding the trainer some mostly so I can watch a movie.  I highly recommend Ride the Divide, if you have Netflix instant watch.  I dare you to watch and not want to go on a mountain bike ride…in the wilderness somewhere.  I also had a super successful shopping trip…..for me.  Ha!  I had to take Jasp to daycare on my day off so I could go to an appt, and then I had to kill time until his nap was over, so I hit some huge sales and got a bunch of stuff I’ve been needing for months.  Skinny jeans and I still are not friends, BTW.  I also got a pair of Ugg slippers.  The doctor who is my director at work gave them to all of us.  Hello, why have I not discovered these sooner?  Best thing ever for a runner’s feet.  Now I see the allure of the $150 boots.  So, that about covers my week.  Now onto running…

I always run on Christmas.   I may not be able to when Jasp gets older, but I get up painfully early and enjoy some quiet miles.  Everyone always leaves their Christmas lights on, and there is zero traffic.  Just like Thanksgiving I always think it’s a great way to think for a bit about what holidays are really about (what, Christmas isn’t about 40% off sales at Banana Republic and eating piles of cookies?)  It also is a great way for a little alone time if we are doing a lot of family stuff, and then the obvious reason of I will spend the rest of the day eating.

So what do you get as a last minute gift for the runner in your life (or ask for if you are the runner.)?  Well, I would say if you want something not too expensive that they probably would not buy themselves (those are the best kind of presents), I would say arm sleeves or compression socks.  Now don’t freak out and call me a sucker for trends.  Arm sleeves are great ONLY for someone like me:  cold natured.  I use the heck out of mine.  I throw them on under shirt as an extra layer, in addition to wearing them at the start of a long run to shed them later.  If you can run all winter in a thin little long sleeve shirt, then they are not for you, but if you pile on 3 shirts at a time and you are still cold, like me, try some arm warmers!    Compression socks probably do nothing.  I only got a pair because I had a 50% email coupon.  But, do they ever feel good after a long run, and they are really warm.  I don’t run in mine, but I slip them on after a long run under my jeans.  Mine are pink and just look like knee socks.  I even slept in them one night.  They aren’t crazy expensive, (mine were $25), but more than the average pair of socks, and I think that prevents a lot of folks from getting them.  But who doesn’t like something that makes their feet feel good?  In fact, I may spend this very cold holiday weekend in a pair of arm sleeves under my sweater, compression socks, and my new Ugg slippers, while sipping hot coco, stuffing my face with Christmas cookies.  And isn’t that what Christmas is really about?

Hope everyone has a great holiday.


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