I wish my running shoes were as cool as Jaspy's are.

The blur of Christmas is over.  A brief summary would be Jasper just isn’t quite old enough to get it.   We started some traditions he really enjoyed this year though.  He got some really good gifts that he actually plays with, and we didn’t end up with Christmas excess.  I SWEAR I will get those thank yous out this week!!!!

And now New Years is here.  Many bloggers share their resolutions.  My resolution is to be less ambitious this year.  Huh?  Well, Jasper is almost 2, and by now I’ve learned to quit giving myself 101 goals that I never, never seem to achieve.  The day to day really keeps me busy enough.  I have bucket list goals, and some may have to wait a few years.  But I don’t want to make this sounds like a bummer.   I think it’s just easier for me to make up my goals week to week.  This week Jasper and I have been working every night on getting his letters down.  For a little boy who doesn’t really talk he is repeating a new one just about every night.   I’ve got a killer hill run in the morning for my Boston training.  This weekend I hope to get Jasp to Yogurtland because we haven’t been in a week and we go together every weekend.  And, just like that….goals.   I also have learned to give myself the “I really want to do this, but I’ll be happy if I only get to this point”  My yoga is kinda done this way.   It’s really the best I can manage right now,  and there’s no point in setting myself up for failure.  I also am trying to focus more on non-athletic goals  I have an ideal in my head every week for training goals, but there actually was a time where I planned more on the weekend than running, yoga and two Jasper activities a day. Right now I am keeping it simple with a couple of books I want to get to.  I guess that is my really is my 2012 “resolution” ….just try to keep it simple…or make it a little more simple…or simply the 800 things I try to do…well, you get it.

Anyhow, on that note, I’ve got a great book Mark gave me for Christmas on the history of the Boston marathon calling my name.  Merry New Year….

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  1. SUCH a great post and love the goal! I looked at my New Year Goals/Resolutions- and I’m already overwhelmed. I always have a fitness category, personal, spiritual, family. Yikes. I might need to set up some weekly goals. I’m already thinking of how to get out of my resolution to take the kids to the library once a week- the weather is going to be crappy and I don’t want to drag them out! 🙂

    I may be quiet on the blog…but I do read, just usually play catch up and I’m way behind!

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