Memorable runs #1….New Year’s Eve hill run…

Remember how I said I was going to write about memorable runs?  Well, my New Year’s eve run made the cut.  Ever try a new route and think, “how come I never thought of that before?”  That was the case with our New Year’s Eve run, which was actually run that morning.  We did a routine loop for us twice, but did the first one backwards, making it harder (at least I thought so), and before we started the second one, we added in Stratford Dr, one of Austin’s most notorious , but prettiest hills (doesn’t it seem like where ever you go the hilliest streets and the prettiest?  It must be that whole overlooking a view thing.)  Anyhow….it was a hard run, 17 miles without any real break from up or down…but the whole thing was through Austin’s prettiest neighborhoods and with the Christmas lights still up we had a nice bonus (since we started at 515 am).  We were done before 800 and my legs felt like they got quite a workout.  I was frozen since I wore shorts, but it was a very satisfying morning.   Mark and I both finished and knew we had a route we will definitely repeat.  Plus there is just something about a hard run on a  before a holiday kicks off…good for me because I also went to New Year’s Eve lunch (yes I am that boring that I celebrated in the middle of the day)….at my new favorite restaurant and stuffed myself with sushi and green tea ice cream parfait….my new favorite dessert.   I had a trifecta of things I love:  hard run, yoga with one my favorite teachers, and one of my favorite meals.  Topped off by lots of Jaspy chasing.   Heaven.  Well I am off to bed to read “26 Miles to Boston”…a great read about the run’s history.    Gotta get some motivation to keep those hills up…


2 thoughts on “Memorable runs #1….New Year’s Eve hill run…”

  1. Great run!! I also love running during the holidays, looking at all the pretty decorations really makes it feel like Christmas!

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