Weekend notes…

I just love our photos from last weekend!

Warning:  lots of disjointed, somewhat uninteresting running related tidbits ahead.

The weekend was the Bandera Trail runs.  There’s a 25K, 50K, and 100K.  I’ve done all 3..not all at once though…on different years.   The trail is brutally rocky, and reduces all but a few to power hiking the really rocky sections.  Mark and I started our runs both Saturday and Sunday saying how glad we were not to be there.  I am happy I did the runs.  I got my paperweight sized  belt buckle and am proud of the work it took to get it.  But those aren’t the trails for me.   Give me a nice smooth, runnable surface with a pretty view.  I guess sometimes you check a box and really are happy to move on.  The Bandera 100K was the pinnacle of those races for me.  I knew I probably would not race there again.  Camping, hiking, you bet…it’s fantastically pretty out there, and I have a wild little boy who will go nuts over camping in a couple years.    But my days of killer trail runs are over and my feet are thanking me for it.

Speaking of feet, my quest for the perfect shoes to fit my monster sized orthotics continued this weekend.   I learned that feet really do change with pregnancy….drastically.  Shoes that felt great quit feeling so good.   I had a coupon for 10% off at a local store.  The girl helping me was really good…so good she convinced me to buy a super sleek, bright, “real runner” looking shoe.  It did fit the orthotic perfectly.  My feet were happy.   Slap some muscle on my legs and take off some fat, and I would look like a pro in these things.   I was sold.  She rang me up and I about choked on my gum.  Let’s just say I really needed that little 10% off coupon.  It ain’t cheap to look fast.  These things were priced for the 1%, but what could I say, I was in love.  The felt good and they aren’t orthopedic MeeMaw shoes.  Now I just have to figure out how to never get them dirty.

Otherwise a typical weekend.  Lots of playground time…lots of spiral slides…suspension bridges….hopping…and climbing.  I am utterly pooped from returning to Astanga yoga after a 2 week layoff in addition to the aforementioned activities.    Muscles I didn’t know I even had are sore.  It’s no help either that I did the killer hill long run with the two British boys, Mark and James.  Not only do their accents grow stronger when they are together, their pace increases too.  If I want to find out the meaning of various Brit slang, I am forced to keep up.  The end result is a nice time on a run, but sore legs!

Mike is at a friend’s enjoying coffee porter.  I just had a dark chocolate brownie, have my feet up, and am about to hit Netflix….I hope your weekend also ends on such a high note!


1 thought on “Weekend notes…”

  1. I would love to run Bandera, even if its just once.

    Pregnancy definitely changed my feet as well, I went from a 6.5 to a 7.5 during my first pregnancy, and somehow have thinned out during this second pregnancy but not change in size. I’ll never understand it.

    I am also ending my weekend with a brownie… topped with ice cream and fudge. Perfect!!

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