Olympic Trials are this weekend…

Ok, I have been looking forward to watching these for months!  I have the DVR set to the regular and the HD channel just in case there is some mishap.   I wanted to go watch them live in Houston, but I just couldn’t leave my boys for a whole weekend when I have a couple other future events already on the calendar.  I kinda could care less about the men’s race, and am so excited to see the women’s.  I saw the 2008 trials, and Deena Kastor was such a favorite she would have had to broken both her legs not to win, so while a really neat experience, it wasn’t an exciting race.  This trials there are a ton of contenders and it will be so exciting.  Not that I know a single person in it, but I follow track and field news and I am familiar with the favorites.  It’s really hard to route for just one person.  So many of the women seem like great athletes and like they would be fun to go run with….if only I was that fast.

I gotta route for the two moms amongst the favorites, Kara Goucher and Deena Kastor.  There are also a ton of moms in the slower, but still super fast bunch.  AnotherRunnerMother has some profiles (one is even a grandmother!!)  It would appear you can wake up earlier than 430 to go run as those with kids and full time jobs do.  Note to self…..find a way to do speed work at 415 (yeah, right!)   At any rate…it’s all super inspiring to me.


3 thoughts on “Olympic Trials are this weekend…”

  1. Hi! Just found you through mickiruns… I’m really excited for the trials, too! We actually just moved to Houston this past summer, so I’m going to watch. I’m with you–voting for the mamas. 🙂

  2. I lost your email address! And I have a running question that I think you’ll have some good thought on. In short, if I’m steadily increasing mileage on a training plan and am worried about keeping my muscles loose and limber, which is the better investment: yoga or sports massage? Would love to do both, but funds are way limited.

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