Weekend wrap up…

The trials were awesome!!!  I was so glad a huge chunk of it was broadcast.  I probably saw more than if I had been there.  I am so inspired to run faster, but I have so much work to do.  Mark and I are doing a Marathon talk challenge, Jantastic, and next’s month’s phase begins sticking to pace runs and distances.  This should help me with the goals I have…all very doable when I don’t use excuses (I’m tired, I didn’t get enough sleep (seem to use that one a lot), it’s super cold out..none of these are very valid!!)

Mike and I got to eat at my new favorite restaurant this weekend, right after I got done watching the trials, and after a 19 miler that morning.    Sunday Mark and I did a little recovery run, then I hit Ashtanga and then took Owl to the nature center and to Yogurtland.   I am loving the new green tea yogurt.  Mike is no fro-yo fan, so I am glad that Jasp is…we make it a goal to go every weekend and somehow I have no problem making that goal.

Ok..back to work for me.  I just had to comment on how awesome the trials were.  I cannot wait to watch to Olympic marathon.


8 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up…”

  1. My kid loves fro-yo. Maybe because it basically resembles ice cream to them??

    I loved the Trials too, we even DVR’ed it and password protected it… haha! I can’t wait to see what your training brings you!

  2. I watched the trials the night before my race and was so inspired by the elites! Great motivation before race day.

    Need to try fro-yo more. My toddler loves it. In fact, after our trip grocery shopping she had a major meltdown because she wanted yogurt BEFORE lunch, which of course, I wouldn’t allow! She can have desserts but only after a good lunch! Glad she likes healthy sweets though.

    1. Ok…dang girl, your running times are super impressive and add on top of it you are pregnant? Wow…I am not worthy. Looking forward to following your blog.

    1. Hi Laura, I am super impressed by your running and baking. I will be checking out your recipes. I am so jealous you got to go to the trials! My big goal race this year is Boston, so my training is focused on that. I’m looking forward to following your blog.

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