Mark and I were chatting this morning (on our 430 am run), that one reason we love the Murakami book, What I Talk About When I talk About Running, is that is such a tribute to the everyday runner.    We’re the folks in the middle of the pack that just blend with everyone else and let’s face it, we aren’t very glamorous.    No one follows our blogs to see how we did, what we are eating pre-run, or who are sponsors are.   Sure we get encouragement from friends and family, but we are mostly anonymous.  No one ever will know about mornings of 4am wake ups, weekend after weekend of long runs, the many runs done on few hours of sleep, or the long runs done before a day of all day toddler entertaining.  This is not a complaint, as I think most of us feel these challenges build up who we are, give us precious alone time, and help put all of life’s complications into perspective.  I loved it on an episode of Marathon Talk when someone had broken some record for running in a superman costume or something, and the show host questioned “why do we celebrate that but not the single mum  (it’s a Brit show)  of 3  who finished in 4 hours?”  Agreed.  But, if you’ve read the Marakami book then you understand how well he puts into words that we just quietly go about our running and know that no one will really even notice it but us, but that we know our victories, and that’s enough for us.

6 thoughts on “Anonymous…”

  1. I am grateful for all of my friends on Daily Mile who always give me a virtual slap on the back for my runs, no matter how few and far between they are. Like you say, each one is a small victory!

  2. I did not know that you still do Daily Mile. I got so lazy about it I finally had to give it up. The Marathon Talk challenge works good for me because you log in once a week. Daily Mile made me realize I am just not a good running log keeper (unlike Dave with endless volumes of training logs).

  3. Those 4:30am wake up calls, when we don’t set any records that would be known by anybody but a couple of closets people…are all for ourselves. Way to get it done, girl.

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