Another weekend wrap up…

Another full weekend. I really need to be better about taking pictures. We celebrated Mike’s 40th birthday with a beer tasting at Hops and Grain to start. Jasp and I sat that part out and then we met up at Doc’s Backyard so Jasp could use the playscape while everyone hung out. The party went well. I had some slight nutritional melt down, as Mark and I had done a hard 20 miler that morning and I was beyond hungry by the time I met them. As far as the run goes, couldn’t have gone better. We did the last 6 miles or so as our fastest, and threw the hills of startford in the middle. We started painfully early, but we were done at 800 which was great. Then it was off to the bouncy gym for me and Jasp with me singing the praises of compression recovery socks the entire time(ever go jump on trampolines for an hour an a half after a 20 miler? this is generally not advised). Then the party, more Jaspy chasing, and then a collaspe at bedtime.

This coming weekend I have one of only 3 races I am doing this year, and my only half marathon. I am hopelessly underprepared. I have flopped horribly on getting enough speedwork, and my goal of bettering my time from last year seems laughable. I’ll give my best, but we’ll see. I have to tell myself not to be disappointed if I don’t make this goal. I don’t want to be self defeating, but realistic about where I am currently at. I need more tempo runs that that’s all there is to it. My excuse this morning was 4 hours of sleep after a Jaspy nightmare. I keep telling myself there were plenty of moms in those Olympic trials that have late nights too…so I need to get my butt moving!

We are pretty busy sorta househunting. I have a fantasy that somewhere there is a house not too big, not too small, in our price range, in a neighborhood where the elementary, middle and highschool are all good, and will be a great place to run…oh and will not create the commute from hell. There probably is such a house, but I’m not sure if it is in high traffic, lots of so-so schools, very expenssive to live in Austin. So we’ll keep looking. No rush, but another thing on my plate!

Well, my lunch is about over. My afternoon latte calls. I missed my Ashtanga class yesterday and went to a different class that apparently uses an entire different group of muscles. I hurt from head to toe. Being sore makes me sleepy….I need that latte…and a massage. Everyone have a good week…good luck on yoru running…


2 thoughts on “Another weekend wrap up…”

  1. Wow, trampoline jumping post 20-miler is impressive! No wonder you were starving… I have those meltdowns too if I don’t eat every 2-3 hours. 🙂 Good luck on your half! I’m the same way about skimping on tempo/speed-work. I have a hard time balancing increasing mileage and staying injury free with fitting in the speed workouts, but I’m hoping to add more in, too.

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