3M eve…

I sit here the day before the 3M half marathon with a little bit of free time while Jaspy naps. Yes, I should be doing a million things around the house that I never get to, but sometimes you just need to sit.

This has been a weird week. Ever feel really stressed out not because things are bad or anything, but because things are just busy and schedules are off? That was my week. House hunting is like a part time job on the side. It’s stressful…who wants to make a bad decision and decide a year from now a location is no longer desirable or a house is just not the right choice? Jasper decided to have a growth spurt or something and woke up every night this week. It was nothing like when he was a baby, but by Friday I was tired…and my neck and back all tight from dozing off in a chair with him just about every night. Plus just a lot going on, family in town, Mike’s party last weekend, Jasper’s party tomorrow…so why in the hell did I sign up for a race!!?!

I mentioned previously I am only racing 3 times this year. Even if I didn’t have Jasper to get home to I seriously doubt I could afford the to race as much as I used to since entries are so expensive now. This is good and bad. It means I really “race”….no just showing up and making a quick and still pain-free run. I really test myself and see what I can do. As my friend Anna said, “who wants a crappy time by their name?” Well, you could probably argue all my times are crappy…hehe….but seriously it’s nice to go out and put an all out effort in and see what that gets me. So while in the big picture of life how I fare at a half marathon is really meaningless…and this race is so dang competitive. I ran the same time in 3M last year as I did in a later half, Zooma. In 3M I was like 20th in my age group…in Zooma I was like 7th overall. Huge difference. So yes, you can run your heart our in 3M, but for the women you seriously need to crack into low 6 minute miles to even get an age group placing. So it’s truly just you against the clock.

So I hope all works itself out by mile one tomorrow. I feel a little bogged down and have those thoughts of “why did I sign up to do this?” I also get so few chances to do this, another part of me can’t wait to see what I’ve got in the morning.

After the race is Jasper’s birthday party. Yes, what kind of idiot plans the ultimate endurance test, a toddler’s party, after a huge race effort? That would be me. Once again, thank god for compression socks, lattes, and birthday cake.

More tomorrow…….

3 thoughts on “3M eve…”

  1. You are crazy, lady!!!! I love it! I would never argue that your times are crappy – yeah right!

    Good luck with the house hunting. The TV shows make it looks so easy… ha!

    Can’t wait to read your race report!

  2. Busy day… hope you run a great race, and enjoy the party! House buying is definitely stressful. Do you have to be out by a certain time? It’s nice to be able to take your time looking, if you can. But I hear you, it takes so much time!

  3. Fun party yesterday! You did a great job and no one would have known you ran a 1/2 that morning. Nice job on the race, too. 1:36:xx is by best 1/2 time to date(and I couldn’t get near that at the moment) so I definitely think it’s a respectable time. 😉 I hope this week is smoother and the house hunting goes well (although I’m selfishly not a fan of you guys movin way north, especially since we are south of the river now).

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