3M half marathon + Jasper’s birthday…

First off never mix these two.  I was so tired last night and pretty sore today.  After a really bad sleep night (2 hours in w/ Jasp!), I ran , rushed home, showered, got party supplies from Costco, set up the party, had the party, cleaned up the party, put Jasp to bed and was completely wrecked.

As for the race, ended up with a 1:36:15.  Did not break 1:36 which was my goal.  BUT, I think I could have if I hadn’t missed the start by about 5 minutes.  I already sent an email to a friend that  pretty much sums up my stupidity.  So here’s a cut and paste since my blog time is limited today…

3M was a bit of a cluster at the start.  Got there with 45 min to spare, parked with no problem.  Sat in the car for 10 minutes, and decided to get in line for the bathroom .  Longer lines than at Boston.  WTF.  I had planned to do the clothing drop, and I had on a nice fleece from REI.  No way was I just going to chuck it on the street.  So I hop out of the bathroom line, and into the clothing drop line.  Another cluster.  Drop it off, 3 minutes until the start.  I really want to hit the bathroom and figure the porta potties have to be dead by now.  I get in line, hear the gun go off, wait another 3-4 minutes and realize the line isn’t moving at all, dart out of line, find a bush, sprint to the start and hit a wall of walkers in costumes.  I cross the start line thinking “I’m not too far behind, this isn’t so bad”, until I pass the 2:30 pace group a mile in.  My plan was to start between 1:35 and 1:40.  Yeah, I had a lot of catching up to do.  At the shuttle at the end, I was chatting to the guy next to me.  He said he sat in his car with the heater until 5 minutes before the start and stripped off his warm clothes and jumped in the corrals.  Smart guy.  He ran the same time I did.   I spent 35 minutes shivering in the cold for a clothing drop I didn’t really need and still ended up peeing behind a bush in the gateway shopping center.   You would think I would know how to run one of these things by now. 
So there you go.  thanks for everyone for well wishes.  It was fun, I’m glad I did it, despite the night before sitting in Jasper’s room at 1am telling myself there was no way I would run in the morning.
Jasper’s Art in the Park 2nd birthday party went really well.  The kids seemed to enjoy the art activities and the weather cooperated.  I realize you get what you pay for with a 99 cent pack of 64 crayons….when you open the box up and 55 of those crayons are brown….and were ignored by the kids who much favored the sand paintings.  Jasper didn’t have a single bite of cake since trying new foods freaks him out.  I brought over 1/2 of a mammoth dinosaur sheet cake to work today since I seem to have a thing for horrible sugary frosted kids’ birthday cakes.  I would have been eating that thing for the next month.
Thanks to everyone who came to the party and sent positive vibes my way for 3M.  Maybe next year I won’t be such an idiot at the start and actually hit my goal.
Party pics will be posted later…. 



1 thought on “3M half marathon + Jasper’s birthday…”

  1. WOW – you had a pretty amazing time!!! I can’t believe you ran it, on 2 hours of sleep. Seriously, you deserve a medal just for that.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures – I wouldn’t be able to have the cake sitting around either 😉

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