This blog could get even more dull…

I am about to get a lot busier, and that means the blog time will probably fall by the wayside.  We are moving in April.  We found a house we really like with the schools we wanted.  While I am really excited to get in our new house, anyone who has ever done a move consisting of more than throwing all your belongings in the back of your car, knows it’s a bit of a nightmare.  Add a two year old, and having to prep and sell our current house, and I have no clue how we will get it done, but we will.  I also have a massive review at work, which is based around the entire reason my department even exists…to get the hospital to pass this review every 3 years.  Time off is on a moratorium right now.  I also have two marathons between now and then, so every weekend has a big run planned.  I hope none of this sounds like complaints…it’s not meant to.  Sometimes even really good things in life create some stress.  I’ll try to blog when I can, but I may not do much.  I already decided I’ll do a full fall marathon training series.  So if anyone is interested, sometime this summer I’ll start what will hopefully be a lot of helpful information for anyone planning a fall marathon.   I think I’ll have a lot more free time after April.  But I am so excited for my new  ‘hood!  There is a really nice park nearby…with a pool…and a little running path….and a grocery store nearby….and I’ll have granite kitchen counters….and a landscaped backyard…..and Jaspy will be able to walk to his elementary school….I’ll keep telling myself these things in the next few weeks when life gets busier.


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