Wow, there is time for  the blog  if I do it at work.  Although I don’t have a ton to say.   I am in semi-taper mode this week.  I say semi because I am only omitting a long run, but keeping up everything else.  Next weekend is marathon pacing, and I admit, I will be glad when it’s over.  It’s turned into a bit of just something else on my plate.  I am hoping to feel the energy on race day and get a better attitude.    After that Boston training resumes, since we will be 8 weeks out!  Yikes.  It’s going well.  I did a hard 18 last weekend, and a tough yoga class and was ready to back things down some this week.    Mark and I sighed a deep relief that neither of us were park of the Rocky Raccoon 50/100 mile races this past weekend as we have been in the past.    I take my 18 and then a yoga class that kicks my butt over that any day.  And, speaking of yoga, I heard an interview with Boston marathon runner up, Desi Davila where she says she does yoga as much as she can during her 120 mile weeks.  Very cool. 

Mike is out of town, so it’s circles in the hood with the baby monitor for me tomorrow.  I already listened to all my favorite podcasts this week, so I will need to get creative to entertain myself for all those circles.  I’ve even gotten to where I listen to some of my favorite interviews twice.  A kinda new good one is “ask the ultrarunner ” on endurance planet.  I like the old Endurance Planet better, but on the new version, this segment isn’t too bad.  It makes you realize that people really do ridiculous things.  Why do so many people feel the need to run back to back weekends of 50 mile runs?

Well time to punch back in.  That 30 minutes goes fast.  Coffee is calling me.  Jasper wakes up once a night now hysterically screaming “Mama, mama!”  He does go back down quickly, but will I ever have a night in my life again I don’t have to get up at least once?


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