Austin marathon weekend…

Clearly fashion merchandising is not my area of expertise...

Well, almost….just a few more days.   I admit I am looking a little more forward to it.  The last week has been rough, and the weekend of all things running will probably be good for me.  Jaspy got sick, and while it was nothing serious, he developed horrible sleep.  I also got the same cold he had, and while I wasn’t nearly as sick as he was, getting 3 hours of sleep a night on top of it…well, pretty much sucked.  I admit one night during a two hour stretch of being up with him I was reduced to tears.  Doing my job becomes hard, even thinking that I have to run a  marathon in a few days is hard, and I get a stress skin reaction around my eyes that makes them look even more red…as if I need to look worse.  Anyhow, I believe Jasper is on the mend, and is slowing relearning how to sleep through the night.  He also developed extreme clingy-ness, to where if I am home I cannot put him down.  My back was feeling it so I was LOVING going to two yoga classes over the weekend.  Only I totally trashed my quads and was super sore in my legs a week out from the 5 hour marathon.  Uggg…..  I never claimed to be smart…

We are getting super excited to move into our new place.  I have faced the fact that we are just going to have to spend big bucks on this move and get movers.  I don’t know how else to do it, especially with a big project at work at the same time.  I also have faced the fact that our house will not come together for a while.  We have a second living room/ media room that will need all new stuff.  Some of our current furniture is crap/ hand-me down and I would like to finally do away with it.  It takes me a long time to find stuff I like since I am terrible at decorating, but yet still have an ideal in my head that I want to magically create.  Plus I don’t have a million dollars.  So it will take a while to get everything the way we want it and I’ve made peace with that.  I really like to come home to my house in order, but we may have boxes for some time.

Well, I gotta hit a closet or drawer while the little boy sleeps.  Like everyone else, we have random stashes of crap I want to get rid of before we move.  I really don’t want to pay movers to box up a bunch of half empty scotch tape dispensers, pens that no longer write, and 3 year old day planners that never got used.

Good luck to everyone running the marathon this weekend…


3 thoughts on “Austin marathon weekend…”

  1. Oh, no! Sorry for the rough few nights… I know the feeling of stressing over little sleep and it only making everything worse. I went to a new class last night called “chiseled” that trashed my quads too and I’ve been worrying a bit about that today… but I’m not really tapering for this run, just making it part of my long training run, so we’ll see how it goes. Hope to catch you at the expo!

  2. So glad we got to meet up!! Hope you had a good time as a pacer… that’s a tough course, but I enjoyed the hills more than I expected to. 🙂 I hope our paths cross again!

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