Me and my awesome partner, Korrie

It’s early Monday morning and I am not running since yesterday was the marathon.  I am pretty relieved I can check the box that it’s done.  Last week was one of my roughest mom weeks ever.  Jasper threw any type of schedule we had out the window, and wouldn’t let anyone but me do anything for him.  Sleep was bad, bad, bad.  The night before the marathon I was up with him at 2am, and he didn’t go back down until 4am.  I had to be at the host hotel at 5am, so I just had to stay up.   I’d also had a cold all week, and while not feeling terrible, I was not 100%.  I always knew I could run the 4:55 assigned pace without a problem,  but I didn’t want to hate being there.  I am very humbled to be part of the pace team, and get a chance to help others reach their marathon goal, and I didn’t want to have a bad attitude about it due to just being overtired.

Anyhow, things ended up going well.  Once I had some breakfast and started my trek to the host hotel, I perked up.  The weather was perfect, which was a huge bonus.  After chilling in the hotel a bit, eating a little more, and 10 bathroom trips, we were ready to roll.

Last year the weather was warm, and by about half way we had very few people with us.  By mile 20 we were alone, so it was a little bit of a bummer to end up pacing no one.  This year was different.  We had a pretty large group with us the whole way.  We had a couple first timers, a couple very experienced runners using us to start conservatively, and a couple of folks who really wanted to break the 5:00 mark.  It was a relief at mile 20 to have several people still with us, and we started to talking to folks to keep them encouraged.  There is a hill at about 1/2 a mile from the finish that kills everyone, so we kept talking it up telling them not to walk it, not to give up.  It actually worked.  With about 1/2 a mile to go our whole little group zoomed ahead of us, and we knew they all were going to make their goal.  We finished alone, but since everyone went ahead of us, and not behind us like last year,  we were happy finishers.  The aftermath isn’t too bad:  a little sunburn, achy knees (I have to slightly “break” to run what is a little slow for me), and a bit dehydrated.  I hope to be up as running tomorrow to refocus on the big prize in April:  Boston.

All in all a rewarding experience.  It was fun to meet Laura, MommyRunFast, at the expo, and know that other moms have to go into races on a few hours of sleep (I thought it was just me!).  The highlight of the run as always was seeing Mike and Jasper on the course and having Jasper run with me a bit.  I wish I had a picture of that!

Ok..time to stretch these tired legs a bit and hit the coffee before the little boy wakes up.

1 thought on “Relief…”

  1. Glad it went well, it was so great to meet you!! Those hills at the end are definitely killer. It was a really fun course though, I hope to be back! 🙂

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