Adventures in recovery and sleepless nights…


The little boy is taking a very good nap, so here I am with a couple extra minutes on my hands.  Yay!

Marathon recovery has gone really well.  Make fun of me if you want to, but I swear those compression socks work.  I wore them as soon as I got home, and then to work the next day, and I also skipped plain water and drank Nuun instead.  I felt pretty good by Monday afternoon.  I am still tight, but I scheduled a massage for this week, and I hope to feel “normal” by the weekend (whatever that is…I think I live in a state of chronically being a little tired and a little sore).

I got a really nice email forwarded to me from someone who took the time to email the marathon officials and say he thought the 4:55 pacers were great.  It made my day.  I needed something to perk me up.  Jasp continues his good nighttime habits revolt, and I admit it has made me a touch depressed.  I really questioned signing up for races the night before the marathon when I was up with him, because I have yet to do a race since he was born without a horrible night of sleep the night before.  Anyhow, I don’t think the pacers do anything special.  It’s a bit of work, but we are all running a race we would probably be doing anyways.  It was nice to know someone got something out of it though. I really like being at a pace that allows people to break a time barrier.  I think that is one of the main reasons we had more runners this year than in years past.  And this year we got some really awesome gear 🙂

Mike is out of town and I had to run my loops around the block with the baby monitor.  I listened to the latest RadioLab.  What a good show.   Do yourself a favor and listen.

Ok…time for that little boy to get up.  We have a date with some ducks at Central Market.     I think I will be treating myself to sushi from Central Market for dinner tonight 🙂

2 thoughts on “Adventures in recovery and sleepless nights…”

  1. I’m so impressed that you can run loops around the block!! But, glad you have that option. Hope the sleep thing improves soon… that is no fun. Our nights are fine, but I’m jealous you get such good naps!

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