Enjoying a day at the park

Hiking with Daddy at Brushy Creek

So much to wrtie about, so little time.  Another busy week has flow by and suddenly it’s Monday again.  Let’s see what I’ve got:

Last week was busy with Mike out of town.  He’s so awesome though he came back from his work trip with running goodies for me!  And happened to find a sleeper sofa for us to order while he was waiting for a meeting to start.  I just love productivity.    Jasper tricked me into thinking his latest sleeping protest was over with two nights of uninterrupted sleep.  I never felt so good after 6 hours of sleep…but alas, it was a trick, as he’s back to his nightly crying for mama sessions.  I ended up falling asleep in his room last night for most the night…in a chair.  Which brings me to my next topic:
I was really, really sore from running the hills of Stratford and going to Ashtanga yoga.  Then I slept sitting up most the night and my legs were killing me this morning.  I decided to come out of the closet and try the compression socks on my run.   They worked like a charm.  The achiness in my legs subsided.  I’m a believer.  I may wear these things in the Boston marathon.  Go ahead and make fun of me, but you probably don’t do stupid things all weekend long that make you sore.  Or maybe you are like Mark and never get sore no matter what kind of hill workout we do.  At any rate, I am proud of my knee socks.
I am pretty excited that yesterday we tested how long it would take to get from our new house to  Brushy Creek park with miles of perfect hike and bike trail.  Door to trail was 10 minutes.  How awesome is that!  We let the little boy do his own run and then drove up to the trail end.  I am super psyched that I can easily  do my long runs out here with bathrooms and water along the way.  It really is a perfect running location.  I am really looking forward to it!
Well, since the computer here at work is so amazingly slow it takes just about my entire 30 minute lunch to upload 2 pictures.   So I’ll wrap up.  Lots of busy stuff coming up on the horizon, but hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to discuss.  This week’s podcast recommendation is RunRunLive.  I’ve talked about it before, but I just listened to it, and it really is so well done.  Do yourself a favor and download a bunch of episodes for your next long solo run.  Ok…time to clock in.

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  1. So, I’ve been a firm believer in practicing hot yoga but have never ventured to try ashtanga. Yoga is challenging for me because I lack flexibility (too much running!). Hopefully after my second comes I can get back into my yoga and perhaps venture out to try ashtanga. The class just always seems a little intimidating to me.

    Regardless, hope the sleep situation improves. I”m with you though, I feel like I get a handle on sleep/nap/etc. only for things to change a few weeks later. I suppose that is life as a mom:)

    1. I take a class that is about half of the full Ashtanga series. I am in awe of people who do the whole series. I recommend it after you have your baby. It really helped me get some core strength back.

      And I agree that just when something is going smooth it seems to change…yes the life of a mom.

  2. Sounds like such a perfect location for a runner! Enjoy having access to those trails, I am jealous! Hope the sleep thing settles down soon… it’s so hard to know what to do in those scenarios. 😦

    1. Yes, the trails look great! I’ve been thinking about trying to do a mom’s running weekend this summer when there are no races. Maybe we could hook up then?

  3. I wear mine to work too and I am not even on my feet all day! I got mine with a Groupon and they were $25. I had no idea I would use them so much. Congrats on your marathon!

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