Banned from the trails and food therapy…

Jasper is not sharing his cereal

Wow…what a week. Lots going on. First off, we closed on our new house. Yay…another step closer to the move. The sellers are renting it back from us for a month, which is actually good, as we need all the time we can get to pack. But, it was nice to check another box in the whole process.

I had my annual podiatrist visit this week. It went very well. I still have horrible, old lady arthritic toes, but I get another year of no surgery. Yay! I’m not sure how to take the doctor’s statement “as impressive as this looks, and as much as I would love to operate, I just can’t as long as you are pain free.” The one little bit of bad news was he said absolutely no running on unstable surfaces, as in rocky trails. I pretty much have put this into effect on my own, but I suppose it’s official now: my trail running days are over. I got a little nostalgic for a bit, but I can’t complain that I am running marathons.

I debated about this next little bit, but I decided to share figuring maybe I can help someone if they are in a similar situation. For a year of check ups Jasper’s pediatrician went back and forth on sending him to get a speech evaluation for delayed speech. At the 2 year check up, she said she thought he should probably go. I agree there is a marked difference between his speech and his peers. I also had lots and lots of probably well meaning friends and family relay stories of family members who didn’t talk until they were 4-5 years old, and tell me that I shouldn’t worry. The bottom line is I am glad I listened to the medical professionals. It turns out there are multiple things the therapist will be helping us with, and the speech issue is a muscular problem not a cognitive one. It never occurred to me this was a physical problem. Jasper’s willingness to only eat about 10 foods plays into this too, as textured foods are a problem for kids with this issue. So Jaspy will also be doing a lot of therapy to help him eat better. Yeah, most of us should be so lucky to get food therapy. So yeah, if your kid’s eating habits seems extreme this is something to consider…there may be a problem and your kid is not just a picky eater. When it rains it pour though….I just added twice weekly therapy sessions to moving, a massive work project and peak marathon training.

On that note…I am off to bed. Got a tough run in the early am….Oh, and I do think these pictures are just about the cutest ever.

4 thoughts on “Banned from the trails and food therapy…”

  1. 1 – those pictures are freakin’ CUTE!
    2 – congrats on closing on the house!!
    3 – bummer about no longer trail running; but like you said, at least you can still RUN!
    4 – i never thought that it could be a physical problem! i hope he excels in therapy and hits the ground running 🙂 best of luck, jasper!!!! [and mommy!]

  2. Congrats on closing on the house!! Hope the move goes smoothly– Jasper is too cute. 🙂 So glad you decided to check it out and found so many helpful tips/reasons for what’s going on.

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