50 minutes…

Yes, we don't do photo shoots very often. I still think it's a cute photo shoot

So we had our first full week of speech therapy.  Yeah two standing appointments a week so far south it’s not even in city limits is a big scheduling challenge…BUT, once we are there, I am not included in the therapy.  This means I get 50 minutes with nothing to do….which is wonderful.  So far I’ve listened to a podcast and surfed the internet and then went for a nice, long walk.  I am thinking this is the only way I will get to write my blog post series on how a real person can master the marathon.  Have a mentioned I never seem to get anything done in the evenings anymore?  Age two has not been kind to us so far.  So this free time is a nice.  It also sounds like speech therapy goes for a long time.   Like over a year.  You may start to get really sick of all the blog posts that can create….

Well for now, I am at work and that means a quick 20 minute lunch, so I am signing off….hopefully I’ll be back very soon.

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