20 miles, parks, squids, and zombies…

Enjoying some free Japanese comic book punk rock

No marathon training update tomorrow.  I can’t take Jasper to speech, and Mike is,  so no free internet time.   I’ll spare you the details of working out our overly complicated schedule and instead give you another weekend update.

My arms are sore, but not from running or yoga, but holding a 30 pound child on my shoulders and jumping up and down while we rocked on.  More on that later…

First off I did a 20 miler mostly solo.  Mark wasn’t feeling great and needed to bail 7 miles in.  I really wanted to get a 20 miler as we are in the home stretch for Boston training.  I briefly considered just adding a couple more miles after he left and calling it a day, but rethought things.  I was given the time by my family to get in 20, and I needed to use it.  Also, it is a huge sacrifice on their part that I am even doing Boston and I figured I owed it to them to hit that start line ready.  I did 3 smaller loops to make the 20 miles, my preferred method to do a long run.  It was a really good run.  I stayed away from getting “shuffle-y” and ran in to a couple of folks I know at the very end who were pushing close to 8 minutes miles and I hung on with them a bit.   I’ll probably run alone a lot more once we move, so I need to get used to it, and know I can do these long runs on my own if I have too.

Today was a 7 miler, then a yoga class and then Jasp and I were off to entertain ourselves.   We started at Mayfield Park, one of my favorite parks.

After sufficient energy burning at the park and nap time, we hit one of the many free SXSW shows.  This festival has morphed into having better shows for free than the ones that require a badge.  We saw the fantastic Peelander Z, and Jasp and I are conspiring together to find a way we can tour with them.    I am not sure who all the forces are that put on a lovely children’s punk rock show at a local farm, complete with cool activities and music, but bless them, they are good people to do something so nice for so many kids.

Singing along to "Mad Tiger"
Why would we not want to go on tour with a band with a giant squid?

My arms are already sore from repeatedly hoisting up a 30 pound Owl who LOVED the show.  Came home  and enjoyed some homemade enchiladas, and watched the season finale of The Walking Dead.   But now, I’m tired, time for bed!


1 thought on “20 miles, parks, squids, and zombies…”

  1. What an awesome kid concert– I’m so jealous! Austin reminds me so much of Ithaca, although on a much larger scale. What a great place to live. 🙂 And congrats on another 20… you should be well prepared for Boston!

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