Weekend wrap up…

Jasper is doing his favorite sport...throwing rocks into water

I am still formulating what the next marathon training tip will be, so you get a recap of my weekend in the meantime.

The highlight of the weekend was banging out the last of the big training runs for Boston. It’s always a little bittersweet to come to the end of a training cycle.  On one hand it’s nice to not be committed to such big runs in the future, but I always miss the feeling of satisfaction of a 20 miler.    But, I’ve got a fall marathon planned so I know after a little rest the fun starts up again!

Jasp and I spent the bulk of the weekend at parks.  Jasp is quite the hiker, which is great because I love to hike.  A 2 year old’s hiking consists of lots of exploring, and Jasp is never one to turn down touching a bug, or finding a good stick to stir up some mud.  So we don’t cover huge distances yet, but I am really glad he just loves being out on a trail and gets as much activity as if I brought him to a playscape.  This is good for future plans, as next summer we want to bring back our annual trip to the mountains, and I think it will be a whole different experience with him getting more and more into the outdoors.  His favorite activity by far is throwing rocks into water.  He could do it for hours, and it makes him so happy.  There’s something wonderful about watching this activity that doesn’t involve anything manufactured and doesn’t cost a dime.   I also am all too aware that if we get anything like last summer for this summer, the creeks will dry up and it will be way too hot to hit the trails.   We are maxing them out while we can.

All in all, I’m just enjoying our nice spring.   It’s hard not to be in a good mood when it’s sunny and 84 degrees.   We ended the weekend with an ice cream indulgence with some really good olive oil cookies Mike bought me (is he awesome or what!)….and the season opener of Mad Men.  Nothing like a Sunday night with exhausted legs, a big bowl of ice cream and really good tv.    I know that makes me sound like I’m 80 years old, but that’s what I call a good night!


4 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up…”

  1. Did you take him to BC greenbelt via the Twin Falls access? That’s kind of what it looks like it the picture. We haven’t taken Maya down there in so long, and I know she would love it. On previous trips, we had her in a backpack, but she’s too big for that. She loves to run and walk but I wouldn’t want to get stuck too far away having to carry her. I’d love recommendations for good spots that work for you and Jasper.

    1. Yes, that is the Twin Falls access! I ended up having to carry him up and down the steep parts and he is not light! Still worth it though to enjoy our nice weather.

      We are excited for the party this weekend!

  2. Yes, me too, that is definitely the definition of a good night! I love the idea of hiking with L… we really haven’t tried it (I guess we haven’t come across too many trails here)… I’m determined to find one and take her! Like Jasper, I know we won’t cover much distance, as she takes a good 10 minutes just getting to the end of the block because of all the twigs and leaves and distractions in the process. 🙂

  3. You should make the trip up to Huntsville State park. It’s about an hour for you, I think. It’s so pretty there and there are TONS of trails. Great camping too!

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