Taking a breather…

A rare shot of Jasper using sun protection.

I am taking a breather from packing and cleaning hell.  I am quickly hitting a point where I cannot pack much more unless we want to wear the same outfits for the next few days.

Let’s see, where to begin.  I worked last weekend and checked the box of getting our big review thing done at work.  I will spare you any details, since it would bore anyone, but the gist of it is my dept exists to pass this review every 3 years, so it meant more hours and no vacation time for awhile now, and I am glad it is done!  It was the first of the April trifecta of things that stress me out.  Now onto # 2…moving.

Yeah, it probably seems like I’ve been writing about it forever, but we bought our new house over a month ago, but just couldn’t move in until this week.  We slowly have been trying to pack bits and pieces and now crunch time is here and it MUST get done.  I am ready not to live in a disarray, but we have a lot we need for the new house, so it will probably be a summer long project to get it looking nice.  But right now, I would just ask for a couple functional bedrooms.  By this time next week, we will be full time residents of our new casa.

Finally, I am leaving in a week, and hate leaving Jasp.  I really, really want to run Boston, but I hate that he won’t be with me.   I am completely ready, while still wishing I had done more.  Isn’t that how all training goes?  I mainly want to just enjoy it, and run strong and fast, but finish smiling and not cursing with cramping legs.

Well, back to packing.  I realize that is a pretty boring post, but it’s kinda all I’ve been focused on for awhile.  I hope to get out another Marathon Training post before I head to Boston.  Well see, I have all our Hoarder crap to deal with still, so it may not happen!


1 thought on “Taking a breather…”

  1. Wow, you are busy busy busy! So glad you’ll soon be in your house… packing and moving is such a headache. And best wishes for Boston, I can’t believe how soon it is!

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