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Now that Boston is over it’s time to come up with the next goal.  Unfortunately, there are no races in Texas in the summer.  Things don’t start up here until about October, so that will be the soonest I can really do anything.  There are a couple short races during the summer, but no marathons.  I’ll be doing the very small, but well done Frankenthon again in October with the goal for making it my “fast” race.  My new house is only 10 minutes from the start!  This means I’ll have all summer to try and improve.  Since Jasper was born, I’ve done pretty low mileage out of necessity.    His sleep has always been unpredictable and I did my best to be home when he wakes up (minus the long run day).  I am hoping the next 6 months really start to become more predictable, and that sleep deprivation ends.  All things point in that direction.  After a couple bad nights in our new house, he’s been doing pretty good.  If I can get to where I am getting sleep most nights, I think I can finally start doing a couple mid-week 10+ milers.   It’s been hard to add anything extra in the morning if I am operating on 3-4 hours sleep, and sometimes for several days.  This has kept me at bare minimum level for the last couple years.  And, no complaints….I manage to get out most days that I want to , and manage my long runs, I just would like to take a few extra steps to try and a little quicker.

So lots of base miles this summer.  I figure I have all summer to try and slowly increase my mid weeks runs a bit.  The month’s Runner’s World has a little article about a mom of 12 (yes, 12!!!), who does 75 miles a week, and works part time, and has some special needs kids as well.  Oh, and she is pretty fast too, running marathons in the 3:20s.Wow, is all I can say.  I figure if someone with those kinds of demands can  do what she is doing, I should be able to up my mileage a little bit with my one kid, part time work, and only speech therapy on our schedule.

So I’ll give myself a couple easy weeks, and work out a fall marathon schedule and start my next round of marathon training.  One big bummer is I’ve lost pretty much all my running partners.   It just sorta worked out that one by one the little group I once ran with has vanished.  Mark is taking a little marathon hiatus, and I totally respect him for that.  It does mean I need to make peace with running most my runs alone all summer, and with the nice trail system by my house, and running podcasts, I hope to do that.

So not a super exciting summer of running, but I hope to see some improvement and map out lots of new routes….and maybe find some new partners!



11 thoughts on “What’s next…”

  1. Sounds a lot like my summer plans! I hope you start getting consistent sleep soon. 3-4 hours is nowhere near enough for me!

      1. That would be really fun! I’ll definitely let you know if we make it back to Austin, and do the same if you pass through Houston!

  2. And just for the record, I would not put you in the low mileage category. I know there are lots of people around here doing major training, but a working mom of a young kid who runs in the 50 miles/week range plus yoga and a spin session is not low mileage in my book. Just saying.

    1. Well, my big failure is trying to get a mid week,mid distance run. I did those pre-Jasper, and I think they make a difference. I just struggle to go out for more than an hour before work. that may be all I ever get to, and I’ll be happy with that, but doens’t hurt to try.

    1. Yes, all about perspective. Austin kinda skews your prespective when we have so many ultrarunners and super triathletes here doing tons of miles..and I am not sure how they do it!

    1. Olga, you can usually find a deal online to get Runner’s World for a dollar an issue. It’s a quick read, and sometimes not a ton of info is there, but if one or two articles are good, I’d say at that low price it’s worth it.

      I liked your yoga pics. I am impressed you are that flexible as a runner. I haven’t tried Bikram yet, but I do Ashtanga which I think is similar but only heated to about 85…but it is a HUGE challenge for me.

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