One of these lives in my backyard and leaves us little crawfish piles...

Jasper is napping and I feel too lazy to do anymore house work.  This weekend we FINALLY finished with our old house.  It feels like we’ve been at this for months.  Now we can focus on getting this house a little more spiffy looking.  We are enjoying it though.    You know the saying “you don’t miss what you never had?”  Well, now I realize some things we never had that are so wonderful now that we do have them.  One is a grocery store close by.  Who knew it was so easy to run to the store when we run out of bananas like we do at least two times a week?  And street lights.  Wow, so this is what it’s like to not run in complete darkness!  And parks close enough to walk to and not have to walk on a busy street.  How cool is it to hit the park for a few minutes before dinner?  How about mature trees that are not the much hated cedar, aka mountain juniper, aka not a real tree?  Shade in our yard, who knew?  (this does also include the joy of raking leaves, something I’ve never done…8, yes 8 bags of leaves raked yesterday).  There is also the north Austin pizza phenomenon.  For some reason all the NY/ NJ style mom and pop pizza places are in far north, suburban Austin.  So, we have several of the best pizza places in town right by us.   So yes, a lot of nice things.

And here’s one of the best:  it took me 10 minutes to get to town lake.  I live much further than I used to, but due to easy highway access I can shoot right down there.  Then there is another 10 minutes to brushy creek.  Mark and I ran there is morning.  One drawback, it is dark, dark, dark out there.  But such a nice run, and a super runnable gravel trail.   Oh and I am so much closer to yoga now.  I had missed for a couple of weeks due to Boston, moving and Mike being out of town.  I went to Ashtanga today, and I will be suffering tomorrow for sure.  I was already a little behind the 8 ball after falling twice on a run this week.  It was well lit, but twice I managed to zone out and catch my toe on uneven concrete and go flying….twice.    Since I work in trauma, I convinced myself I at least managed to break a bone in my hand, but I find the older I get these things feel a lot worse than they look.  It was embarrassing to admit the fat on the back of my arms hurt the most.  Yeah, who gets fat pain?  That would be me.

Well, I really should make myself useful, there is plenty to do here.   Tonight we have a baby sitter to go see Neutral Milk Hotel at Austin City Limits.  I’ve never been, and Mike really, really wanted to go.  I’ll have to stay up past my bedtime, but we’ve got a Starbucks in our suburban ‘hood.  And, we get to go to La Condessa.  My friend Kitty turned me onto this place.   So yummy.  I’m wearing yoga shorts to the show and dinner since they have an elastic waistband….classy, I know. Ok…laundry calls.  Gotta find a shirt that will hide the fact I’m wearing yoga clothes to a hipster show.

2 thoughts on “Suburbia…”

  1. I’m glad you’re liking your new location! Sorry that you took a spill, ouch. Hope you enjoyed the date night out!

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