Don’t eat the cake…

Don’t you wish adult swim wear was more like kids’? Functional, comfortable, and not super revealing? I guess I could wear a swimsuit like this and just see how many looks it got….

Here I am at speech again on a Monday.  I went ahead and took the day off.  Daycare was closed and Mike was off, and it just seemed to pitiful to go into work.  Every now and then you just need a 3 day weekend.  I know you are probably thinking “your whole life is a 3 day weekend since you work part time.”….BUT, (and I can sympathize with stay at home moms on this), a day you take you child to an appointment and run a bunch of errands isn’t a day off.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade having a weekday off with Jasp for anything, but it is sometimes our busiest day of the week!

I am totally spent though.  How many of you spend 3 days squeezing in extra workouts  if you have an extra day off?   I went to 2 yoga classes, and now I am soooo sore.  When will I learn?

I should have just pitched a tent at Brushy Creek park, as I was there all weekend.  2 runs and 3 Jaspy trips.  Someone had left a big, sugary graduation cake in a box at the entrance and I saw it all weekend long, each time wishing I had a big, sugary cake at home. Champion park, which is a little off-shoot park, is now my favorite kid park in the world.  Jasper and I have worn ourselves out there over the last 3 days in the whale splash pad and digging up fossils in the covered (shade!) water and sand pit.  Maybe that’s why I am so tired…

Ok…time for me to work on my 50 states blog.  I may still be working on it when blogging is totally passé and blogging will be along the lines of ham radio.  But for now I can drool over marathon guide.com and plot out my next race….at least until the silent one is done with his speech therapy.



Because we all need more ways to waste time..

Is this little boy cute, or what?

I’ve started a 50 States marathon blog.  I know, I know, I use the majority of this blog to complain I have no time, so why would I start another one?  Who knows, maybe motivation to prevent me from giving up on this 50 states thing.  Here’s your linkity, link link:  Clea50state

It’s a work in progress, so don’t judge me based on it’s current state.  Hopefully I’ll be adding a lot to it, and I will let folks know on this blog when I’ve done an update.


Jasper’s loss, my gain…

Me, Steve and Stephanie when we knocked out Utah on the states list, at the St George marathon (which is excellent, BTW).

Does anyone else have a kid that suffers from mommyitis?  Jasper has it bad, and it has reached new heights.  It means only mama can do anything for/ with him.  Oh, and I can never leave.  This means in his world only I can put him to bed and I can never leave the room.  If I do screaming, tears, the works.  It means asleep by 800 and morphed into “I finally let mama leave my room at 1030pm.  I’m asleep the whole time, but somehow if she makes a move I wake up and freak out.”  So over the last couple months, any time in the evenings has been canceled out for me.  Not just leisure time, but the time when I got some house work done, did any baking, or returned friends’ emails.  Mike has tried to intervene, but it seems to make things worse for Jasper.

The solution?  One night a week I am leaving the house.  Jasper will have a mama free night to hopefully help him get over the mama addiction.  It means I get a night to go do anything.  Oh, the possibilities!  Last night I tried a new yoga place.  I’m not gone for hours, just a couple, but that is long enough.  Of course Jasper went nuts when I left and I was later told of things he said like “Mama, home!” “Mama, car!” (at least he put two words together…this is a big step).  So it’s a mixed bag.  I am looking forward to my night off, but feeling terrible about it all at once.  We shall see if it does anything…

In other news, I am enjoying my prep for the Missoula marathon.  I can’t really call it training, as I am just putting in the necessary miles distance wise, but not worrying about pace.  It will soon be hot here, and most of us slow down some.  This is also a vacation, so while I don’t want to humiliate myself on the run, I won’t be expecting a PR.    It’s nice to just get up and check off the distance and not fret that I seem to just get slower.

Well, time to get a thing or two done while the silent one is in speech.  I gotta plan out my next night out!


My latest obsession…

I first heard about the Missoula marathon from a friend who’s doing the 50 states.  This is when you try to do a marathon in every state.  There’s no time limit or anything, it’s just a get them done kinda thing.  Mike put a little bug in my ear when he said “you know, you could do that.” (see how I am blaming him?!)

At first I thought, “no way”.   Most the people who do the 50 states are retired or travel for work.  I fit neither category.  But Mike’s suggestion was just do a couple quick weekend trips a year and mark off 2-3 states a year.  It suddenly sounds kinda doable.  I mentioned it to Mark, and his response was “have you seen the people who do the 50 states?!”  Well, yeah, a lot of people who do this are more into run/ walking for fun.  Not that there is a thing wrong with that, but it tends to appeal to those who want to take things at a more gentle pace.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve become obsessed!  I’ve done some online research (damn you mandatory lunch break!)  Will I do it?  Well, I am going to join the 50 states club once I finish Montana which is my 10th state.  Only 40 to go.  Ha!  Seriously, I plan to peck away at a state or two a year.  It would be cool to finish within a neat time frame, but it will be more likely that I’ll finish before I’m 100.  I’d like to call my quest 50 by 50 (finish when I’m 50), or something clever, but the reality is knocking off 40 states will take a long time.  I figure 2 a year is a reasonable pace.   In the future some will be family vacations.  Mike is already chomping at the bit to combine an Oregon marathon with a brewery tour.   I may never finish, but it will be a good excuse to see a couple of places I would otherwise never go to.

So if anyone out there has had a burning desire to visit North Dakota or Delaware and run a marathon , let me know.





Marathon training for real runners, Part 6…More than running

“Crosstraining” is a goofy word that gets tossed around and really amounts to doing something else besides running.  For some, this is no problem, as they have other activities they love doing.  For the OCD runners like me, it’s hard to skip a run for something else.  Is it necessary?  I think so.

I pretty much just did running since high school, a million years ago.  I had a couple stints with biking, hiking, and lots of dog walking.  I tried to do a little upper body and core stuff, but nothing that anyone could really call exercise.  My intro to yoga was my huge wake up call.  4 years ago a friend took me to a very introductory class, and I was shocked how hard it was for me.  I had a lot of weak areas I had really neglected over the years.  Overnight I decided a regular yoga practice was for me.  I immediately started going at least once a week.   Pre-Jasper I would go 2-3 times a week, and I saw a big difference pretty quick.  You aren’t going to build big muscles with yoga, but I like that it’s a head to toe work out and involves a lot of core work, which I have come to see as a necessary evil.  Now that I sit on my ass all day at my job, my puny back muscles and not so flat gut need extra help.  Throwing my back out while I was pregnant convinced me I do not want to have an injured back ever again.

Running is cheap, easy, accessible, and a great stress relief.  But it can be hard on your body.  Doing something that involves other muscles will only prolong your running years.  Now, I do say this is for “real” runners….as in busy people with lots going on.  Finding time to do another activity is really hard.  Here’s what works for me:  I just shoot for my one day.  If I cannot do it, I completely commit to one night with a yoga DVD, even if I am super tired.  Just one night.   No it’s not the same, but once in a while at least it prevents me from falling off the wagon into doing nothing but running.  I also build 15 minutes at least after every run into my schedule to do some yoga.  It’s not much, but  it’s better than nothing.   Down the road when Jasper is a little older, I know I will get back to going a couple evenings a week.  You don’t have to do yoga, but pick something that works some other muscles that running doesn’t.  Try to do it just one day a week, but be consistent.  Commit to that one day.  If you have a flexible schedule and can do more, go for it.   So many marathoners get injured and if you want to be in it for the long term, you HAVE to work on your weak areas.  BTW, I tried pilates once and thought it was the best workout I had ever done, but it’s super expensive and I’ve yet to find a place with a schedule that works for me.  Apparently this is an exercise for those without jobs who also have nannies.

Also…I would add if there is anyway at all you can afford it, shoot for a massage about every 6 weeks.  I’ve done this for a few years now, and it’s really not that much money in the long term.    It helps for someone to point out the areas where you tend to get tight and you can work on them in between appts.  While you’ll feel like a complete idiot, a foam roller is great.  It’s $15 or so at Target and it works.   Feeling a little silly and a $15 dollar investment isn’t much to keep me from a chronic injury.

Finally, post marathon, I try to pile on all the yoga that I can.  I am far from a fitness role model.   But I’ll do what I need to do to be running when I’m 90.


New shiny things and marathoning…

The boy’s got a decent wind up…

I hope everyone had as good of a Mother’s Day as I did.  Even though I seem to have caught a bit of a day care virus, I still had a great weekend and wish today wasn’t Monday.

Saturday Mark and I had a fantastic run.  He’s back into marathon mode, so it’s great to have a partner.  We had a spectacular run through Brushy Creek complete with a pastel sunrise, a herd of deer, full creeks, and lots of great conversation.  We trekked through a new subdivision quite a bit and played house hunters picking out our favorites.   We got a nice 15 miler which was just what I was going for.  The rest of the day I manned Jasper while Mike continued to slowly chip away at the endless “getting rid of hideous 80’s decor” projects in our house.  Why there was once such a fascination with all things brass I will never know.    Also, WTF with the whole  “faux Victorian” look?  Ick.

Sunday my request for the day was just to go to yoga guilt free and relax a bit.  I started the day with another Brushy Creek run with Mark and Pancake.  Yes, Pancake got her deer herding on as we tackled the trails nice and early.  Happiness is a worn out border collie.  Then I hit Ashtanga.  I’ve dropped it to about every 2-3 weeks doing flow classes in between.  Ashtanga plus running every weekend really was making me tired…it’s such a tough class.   I came home completely pooped and ready to start figuring out my new Garmin 405.  Yes, out of the blue for Mother’s Day, Jasper got me a much fancier Garmin than the 110 model I already had.  I guess he figured I need things like the calories burned and the virtual partner and the touch-bevel screen.  Yes, I am spoiled and I love my new shiny toy.  You know you are runner when a new Garmin beats out diamonds any day.

I was also treated to a homemade grilled salmon dinner with mango salsa.  We decided to live large and got a patio set for the deck.  I am loving eating outside and so is the little boy, who blow bubbles in between his micro bites of food.

Ok. Now the really big news…..I am running a marathon in July!  How did this happen so quick?  A friend here mentioned she might do the Missoula marathon with a friend of hers.  She was saying flying in the day before and leaving right after makes out of town races not that big of a deal.  Because I have a super awesome, supportive husband, he said “You know, it wouldn’t be too big of a deal if you did something like that.”  Next thing you know I was doing my research, ever being drawn the Missoula marathon, that Runner’s World voted the best overall in the country.  I LOVE smaller, but well done races.  And, hello, cool weather in the middle of a Texas summer?  A no-brainer.  So it’s booked.  The main reason this could happen is Mike had some air miles to cover the ticket that cost more than a flight to Australia.  So I’m going solo on a Saturday and coming home early on a Monday.  I will be totally worn out, but happy, and hopefully the little boy won’t notice too much I am gone.   And let’s face it, a little break from the little boy can be much needed as difficult as it is to leave.  The speech delay issues are difficult and make a lot of things an extra challenge.  I am fortunate that Mike gets this and tries to help me get a break when I can.  Plus, it’s really hard to have an entire Texas summer without leaving.  I am so, so excited for my mini July vacation.  Now I need to just start training!

Well time to get a couple of things done while I have my reprieve at here at speech therapy. Hopefully I’ll get to the computer a little more this week for some more running posts.  Have a great week….


Pink skies, running deer, and setting goals…

Lots of swinging…

Wow, this weekend I totally fell in love with Brushy Creek Park.   To back up…Saturday was the first real “suck it up” run of the year.  It wasn’t crazy hot, but it was super, super humid.  It was one of those runs where by mile one Mark and I were already dripping in sweat.  Despite taking a little break from marathons, Mark is still very kindly meeting me on weekends, so I will gladly take a partner while I can.   I finished up the run about 10 pounds of water weight less than when I started and rushed off to yoga.  Mike suggested I go twice this weekend since Jaspy has been a bit of an extra challenge lately.  Ok!  No arguments here.  So I was spent after a hot run and a flow class.   Sunday night I woke up to lots of thunder and rain, and so did Jasper.  I spent a couple hours up with him, and was secretly hoping the rain would ruin the 530 meeting time I had established with Mark for Brushy Creek.   I was sore and tired and very tempted just to slowly shuffle around my neighborhood on my own.

No luck.  Mark texted me the trails hold up well there and it was just drizzling, so I was in.  We went the opposite way we went last weekend, and not a soul was out, as rain seems to scare everyone away in this town.  What a beautiful run!  The trails there are so runnable.  Even in the dark it was easy.  We did an out and back and on the way back, the sun was rising and gave us a hot pink sunrise over the lake.  Just incredible.  We both agreed it felt like we were miles from civilization, despite a huge suburb butting up against the park.  We watched 4 deer dive into the woods against the bright pink sky.  I just love runs like these.   Who wouldn’t?  I am so psyched I have really discovered this park to run in.   Note to self, bring my phone next run.  I really need some pictures.

Mark and I spent time waxing and waning about our future run plans.   We are both on the fence if we want to still go for goal times or enter the era of just completing marathons for fun.  I don’t think either one of us reached a conclusion, but it’s really fun to run with Mark and hash these types of things out.

I plan to restart my marathon training posts when I actually start putting together a plan for the fall.  For a couple more weeks I’m just running and telling myself these are “base” miles, and the fact that I am slow doesn’t matter.  Really a nice justification!  I’ve been poking around MarathonGuide.com in search of a 40th birthday goal.  My birthday is months away, but I am in the infancy stages of finding myself a “birthday present” race.  I LOVE MarathonGuide.com.  Total runner porn.  I dare you to poke around it and not come up with at least a dozen races you feel you must do.  Let me know which ones they are when you find them!